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January 8, 2009

Springer Books Available Electronically

Recently (2008) the U of Illinois Library purchased electronic access to over 8000 books published by Springer-Verlag during 2005-2008. We expect to continue this program, purchasing Springer books as electronic books rather than as printed books. The subjects in which we are purchasing Springer e-books include:

* Architecture and Design
* Behavioral Science
* Biomedical and Life Sciences
* Business and Economics
* Chemistry and Materials Science
* Computer Science
* Earth and Environmental Science
* Engineering
* Humanities, Social Sciences & Law
* Mathematics and Statistics
* Medicine

Find a book of interest:
The easiest way to locate a Springer e-book is to search the Library Online Catalog. Using the Quick Search in the Anyword Anywhere mode, search for:

+springerlink +xxxx

where xxxx is some topic of interest. E.g.,:

+springerlink + bioinform? [187 titles]
+springerlink +genom? [114 titles]
+springerlink +biol? [700 titles]

Note: be sure to put a plus (+) right in front of all words. And use the question mark (?) to search for word variations. For example, "genom?" finds genome, genomes, genomic; "biol?" finds biology, biological, etc.


Springer MyCopy
Would you like to have a PRINT version of the Springer e-book? You can, for just $24.95! Yes, because the Univ of Illinois Library provides access to several Springer eBook packages, SpringerLink exclusively offers you MyCopy books:
* You can order a printed copy of the book in a black-and-white softcover (cover is colored) version. It will be shipped conveniently to your home or work address.
* The price is just $24.95 per book and includes shipping and handling. The delivery time is approximately 8-11 business days.


To find OTHER biology e-books, take a look at our Electronic Reference for the Life Sciences web site!

Posted by Katie Newman at January 8, 2009 12:50 PM