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December 10, 2007

Coming in April: NCBI Field Course

Save the dates! The NCBI trainers will be returning to campus April 17th-18th to present the Field Course to NCBI Resources. The last time this was presented on Campus in the Fall of 2005, over 200 people registered to attend.

The course will consist of a 3-hour lecture on Thursday morning, April 17th and an optional 2-hour, hands-on computer workshop that will be held Thursday afternoon, Friday morning, and Friday afternoon (typically the workshop is offered 5-6 times).

The course is open to grad students, post docs, faculty, and other researchers. There is no fee to attend, but pre-registration will be required. Non-U of I researchers are also welcome to attend.

Registration for the course will open in February. In the mean time, please keep the dates open. If you are the instructor of a graduate-level course, please feel free to announce the course to your students.

Topics covered in the Field Course:

* GenBank Database: description and scope
* The NCBI Derivative Databases: RefSeqs
* Database Searching using Entrez
o Neighboring and Links
o Entrez searching
* The NCBI Structures Database
o The Molecular Modeling Database (MMDB)
o Structural Alignments
o Viewing Structures and Structural Alignments with Cn3D
* Similarity Searching using NCBI BLAST
o Local Alignment Statistics
o Scoring Systems
o Using BLAST web services
o RPS-BLAST (CDD Search)
o Specialized BLAST pages
* Genomic Resources at NCBI
o Complete Microbial Genomes in Entrez
o Higher Genome Resources
+ RefSeq and Genes
+ UniGene
+ Variation Data (SNPs)
+ The Human, Mouse and Rat genomes
+ The Map Viewer
+ Other Genomes

Posted by Katie Newman at December 10, 2007 2:13 PM