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August 14, 2006

Faculty of 1000 Has Been "Discovered"!

When you search Faculty of 1000, you'll see a new button, "Discover UIUC full text Linking" !
Click on this link, and a new screen will open that will, in most cases, have a link or links to the online version of the article. If we don't have an e-subscription, you'll find a link to the print subscription record in the catalog, or to the Interlibrary Loan request form.
Bottom line: we want you to get the information you need in a timely fashion!

Not familiar with F1000?
Particularly useful for graduate students and young scientists, this biology research tool highlights significant or important papers based on the recommendations of over 1,000 leading scientists.
In F1000, biology is divided into 16 faculties, or subjects:
Cell biology
Chemical biology
Developmental biology
Evolutionary biology
Genomics & genetics
Molecular biology
Molecular medicine
Plant biology
Structural biology.
Leading researchers (the Faculty) pick new papers to review, commenting on the perceived significance of the selected papers. Features include the ability to view all the key papers within a particular topic or subtopic. One of its most popular features is the continuously updated lists of Hidden Jewels --- interesting articles from less widely read journals. Evaluated articles date from 2002 to the present, for the most part.

Faculty of 1000 Evaluators from the U of I:
(and their subject specialty)
Andrew Belmont - CELL BIOLOGY > Nuclear structure & function
Evan DeLucia - ECOLOGY > Physiological ecology
Martin Gruebele -STRUCTURAL BIOLOGY > Protein folding
Steven Huber - PLANT BIOLOGY > Plant biochemistry & physiology
Kim Hughes - GENOMICS & GENETICS > Evolutionary/comparative genetics
David Kranz - IMMUNOLOGY > Antigen processing & recognition
Deborah Leckband - CELL BIOLOGY > Cell adhesion
George Ordal - MICROBIOLOGY > Microbial physiology & metabolism
Scott K. Silverman - STRUCTURAL BIOLOGY > Structure: RNA
Jonathan Sweedler - CHEMICAL BIOLOGY > Chemical biology of the cell

Search Faculty of 1000:

Note: many other UIUC resources have been "Discovered" too, including:
Web of Science
Biological Abstracts
CAB Abstracts
Environmental Sciences & Pollution Management

Posted by Katie Newman at August 14, 2006 1:01 PM