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September 24, 2004

Safari Books Online Includes Bioinformatics Books

Safari Books Online is a continuously updated online library that features the most-frequently requested Information Technology (IT) titles, including the latest publications from:

* Adobe Press
* Addison Wesley Professional
* Cisco Press
* Microsoft Press
* New Riders
* O'Reilly (including the "in a nutshell" books)
* Peachpit Press
* Prentice Hall PTR
* Que
* Sam's Publishing.

Our subscription currently includes 520 titles that will be especially useful to computer science, library science, and other IT students and faculty.

Safari is now listed in the UIUC Library Online Research Resources site as "Safari". Additionally, all the individual titles for these books are now listed in the UIUC Online Library Catalog, too. To browse a listing of them, please click here or search for "Safari Tech Books Online" in the Catalog.

When you get to the Safari site, search for words in the titles or full text of books, or browse by category.

A few of the books that may be of interest to you... [list updated 9/2008]

You'll also find books on PERL; Dreamweaver; Photoshop; Microsoft Access; Microsoft Word; Powerpoint; Excel; Flash; PageMaker; Programming languages (C, C++, Active X, Java, Visual Basic, PalmPilot, etc.); XML; HTML; Security.... You name it!

Tip: Use Safari's advanced search mode for maximum searching flexibility!

Posted by at September 24, 2004 6:54 PM