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September 17, 2004

New Database: PapersInvited

Find out about upcoming meetings or calls for papers! The Research and Publications Committee, a committee of the library faculty, recently decided to fund campus-wide access to the database, PapersInvited. We did this partially as means to inform the library faculty about upcoming meetings and publication opportunities, but also as a way to support the broader research effort on campus. We are funding this resource for one year, after which time it will be evaluated for possible extension.

What it is:
PapersInvited is a searchable database of calls for papers, posters and publications from professional bodies, universities, journal editors and other conference organizers. It is particularly rich in announcements of scientific meetings.

'Calls for papers' are classified by specific disciplines found within these broad classifications:

After registering, each user may elect to receive email notifications about events within specified disciplines or according to specific keywords. Other features include a personalized inbox and calendar. An advanced search option may be used to find events based on abstract deadline, event dates, locations, or keywords. The Student's Corner allows students to find conferences or publications that invite their participation as well as student volunteer opportunities.

Registration (free for UIUC affiliates) is required for individual users in order to receive the E-Newsletter informing you of periodic updates or the addition of calls for papers in specific areas of interest to you. Instructions are outlined below.

Update Frequency: weekly


Under "Natural Sciences" one can choose to look at or receive notices about meetings/publication opportunities in...

Agricultural and Food Sciences Geosciences and Earth sciences
Botany Life Sciences and Biology
Chemistry and Allied Sciences Microbiology
Ecology Physics
Evolution and Paleontology Veterinary science
Forest Science Zoology

Or, under the "Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering", one can choose:

Bioinformatics Gene Therapy
Biological Remediation Genetics
Biomedical Engineering Genomics
Bio-Technology Stem Cells

Or, under "Human Biology, Medicine & Health Sciences", one may choose such areas as:

Alternative and Other Medicine Health, Nutrition, Fitness and Sport Medicine
Endocrinology Human anatomy and Human Physiology
Epidemiology Neuroscience
Forensic Medicine, Medical Jurisprudence Oncology, or many other medical specialties

Or, under "Engineering", one can choose from nearly 30 engineering specialties including:

Chemical Engineering Industrial Engineering
Computer Engineering Materials Engineering
Electrical Engineering Mechanical Engineering
Environmental Engineering Software and Systems Engineering

Or, you can search by keyword, and elect to have the results sent regularly to you by email.


You just need to choose your own login and password, so you can see the current results that match your criteria (keywords / disciplines), and so you can receive notifications by email about new meetings or call for papers. You can search the database without creating a personal account.

Here are the steps for setting up your own account...

Go to:
(if you're off campus, you will need to authenticate yourself as a UIUC student / staff / faculty member with your UIUC NetID)

On the first screen, click on " Not a Member? Sign Up!", which takes you to:

On the line that says " If you have already subscribed to PapersINVITED, please Click here to Personalize your account", chick on "Click here"!, which takes you to:

Personalized Registration Form

Fill in the information. Your email address must end in "".
Note that your email address will be used as your login.

Then continue on to choose which areas of specialization and keywords that you are interested in. If you ever want to change these, you do so by going into "Options", and "Change Area of Specialization / Keywords".

After you have personalized your account, a password will be sent to your email account. You can then log in, and change your password to something that you can remember, using the "options" menu.

Note: After you register for an account, you will automatically receive email notifications of meetings / calls for papers that match your selected disciplines / keywords. If you would rather NOT receive these emails, then, after you've logged in, you need to go into "options", "E-Newsletter Preferences", and check the box NOT to receive them!

Sorry it's so confusing! You can, of course, just use PapersInvited without creating an account. You'll be able to search it and generate lists of upcoming meetings, etc. But if you register, you'll be able to view "MyCalendar", which shows meetings / papers that match your criteria, and to receive email notifications of such meetings, too.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this resource. I would also welcome comments about the usefulness of this database to you and your students.

Posted by at September 17, 2004 3:50 PM