August 25, 2006

Finding the Best Business School for You

A new book, Finding the Best Business School for You, has arrived and is on Reserve at BEL. Call number is 650.0711 D423f

Description from
"Ultimately, finding the best and most appropriate business school requires more than following trends and assessing rankings. Dennis and Smith offer an approach that is designed to help prospective MBA students cast their nets widely, thinking more expansively, creatively, and strategically, with both short- and long-term implications in mind. Discussing the pros and cons of a formal business education (in the context of evolving attitudes toward management and the role of the MBA in developing successful leaders), the authors help readers identify their underlying motivations for pursuing an MBA, learn how to read between the lines of the popular rankings, and utilize the concept of return on investment (ROI) to evaluate programs on the basis of their contribution to long-term professional and personal goals. At a time when one-fourth of all master's degrees conferred are in business, Finding the Best Business School for You offers practical insights for making wise decisions and getting the most out of the MBA experience."

Chapter 11, "Criteria for the Future" is noteable as it does look at the progression of curriculum as business needs change.

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April 26, 2006

New Reference Source: Profiles of Illinois

Profiles of Illinois : Hhistory, statistics, demographics for all 1,427 populated places in Illinois is one of our latest editions to BEL. Arranged alphabetically by county, many smaller communities as well as larger ones ( such as Champaign-Urbana) have the following information in their entries:

Population and percentages by race, gender marital status, ethnicity
Economic growth,: housing, construction, occupation and income per capita
Education, including enrollments
Transportation methods

Great for business planning! Try it.

Forrest green cover with a crocus..easy to find in our Reference collection by call number 304.609773 P943

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August 15, 2005

Book Corner: New Book on RFID in the Workplace

9 to 5 : do you know if your boss knows where you are? : case studies of radio frequency identification usage in the workplace by RAND Researchers Edward Balkovich, Tora K. Bikson, and Gordon Bitko. Published May 2005; available in the Main Stacks under the call number 331.2598 B199n or electronically by clicking here.

Here RAND's summary of the book:

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags are finding their way into a broad range of new applications that have raised concerns about privacy that demonstrate how emerging information technologies can upset the balance of privacy, personal benefits, and public safety and security. This case study examines six enterprises to understand their policies for collecting, retaining, and using personally identifiable records obtained by sensing RFID-based access cards. They found that RFID usage in the surveyed workplaces has a number of common features, but that policies are not generally written down or communicated to employees. They conclude that although employees ought to be informed about uses of access control system records and have the right to inspect and correct records about their activities, implementing traditional fair information practices for access control systems records would be impractical for some situations.

Chapter One:

Chapter Two:
Privacy in the Workplace

Chapter Three:

Chapter Four:
What We Found

Chapter Five:

Chapter Six:


Interview Questions
The research in the public interest described in this report results from the RAND Corporation’s continuing program of self-initiated research. Support for such research is provided, in part, by donors and by the independent research and development provisions of RAND’s contracts for the operation of its U.S. Department of Defense federally funded research and development centers.

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June 20, 2005

Book Corner

Book Corner(BC) is for those who are interested in books that the UIUC libraries are collecting related to business or economics. This is designed for you, the reader, to get a chance to see what's new, and perhaps see a review or two while you are having your cup of coffee, tea, or just a read. Most of the time, the BC will be blogography; you are invited to post comments or short reviews on the books that you've read that are featured in this corner.

To start our virtual book shelf, first book we will mention is one that is getting a considerable amount of press, entitled The Working Poor: Invisible in America, by David Shipler. This work is not scholarly, but it invites readers to take an inside look at the poor who work at the menial jobs that keep our economy going. Shipler is a Pulitizer Prize winner and is a free lance writer. Sociologists, business and labor academics as well as practioners will likely find it to be a comfortable, interesting read--just in time for summer!

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