December 23, 2008

Happy Holidays to All

BEL will be closed December 24-January 4th. Please go to our web pages for your research convenience.

On behalf of the BEL faculty and staff, we wish you happy holidays and safe travels.

See you next year!

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September 19, 2008

Trader Glenn Graham Gives a Shout-Out to BEL

Last week, Glenn Graham, a former SA for BEL, was honored by Trader Monthly, and was interviewed on Options News Network on Wednesday. Interviewer Kevin Cook asked him about his influences to become a trader, which for Glenn, began in high school. He said he got a job working in BEL and read as many books on trading that he could, and liked interacting with the Bloomberg machine. Glenn said BEL had a wealth of information for him.

Here's the link to the first part of the Interview, where BEL is mentioned.

The second part is here.

Thank you Glenn Graham for remembering your roots and for your service to BEL and the University Libraries.

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September 9, 2008

BEL Launches New 24/7 Service: Fast Answers

Have a quick business information question but the library is closed or you are at the airport?

Try BEL's new service, BEL Fast Answers! It has answers to most frequently asked questions in academic business libraries. You can plug in keywords in the search box, or peruse a list of questions by category, such as company and industry, marketing, taxation, etc. Chances are one of those questions is the same one as yours!

Click for Fast Answers here.

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August 25, 2008

Welcome Classes of 2009, 2010. 2011, and 2012

Welcome to the new students, and a big welcome back to our returning students!

BEL's hours are for the fall:

8:30a-10:00p M-Thur
8:30a-5:00p Fri
1:00-5:00p Saturday
1:00-10:00p Sunday

Career workshops coming next month! Stay tuned.

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August 7, 2008

BEL Will Be Closed August 8 8:30-1:00

BEL will be closed for annual clean up day. For those who signed up for Bloomberg that morning, BEL extends it apologies for not notifying you sooner. Carissa Holler is in the process of e-mailing all who signed up.

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December 21, 2007

Happy Holidays

Greetings everyone:
Dear All,

Just in time for holiday searches: SimplyMap is here.

In Online Resource Research page, it is listed as one word: SimplyMap.

If you are a UIUC researcher, please e-mail with directions on how to set up your own account. It is not available outside of UIUC.

Also, it works best in IE.

Additionally for your searching pleasure:

International Directory of Company Histories, and Encyclopedia of Emerging Industries, both online, no seat restrictions on those.

BNA--the suite of employment, tax, and others, available via proxy server. Again, only for UIUC researchers.

I'm not certain if that works off campus, but certainly it does on campus.

Forthcoming: EconLitPlus text.

BEL will be closed next week and will reopen January 31st.

As always, happy searching!

Be safe in your journeys, wherever you may be going!

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November 21, 2007

Happy Fall Break Everyone


BEL will closed for the remainder of fall break, November 22-24. On November 25, we will open at regular Sunday hours, 1-10 pm.

On behalf of the BEL staff, Happy Thanksgiving and hope your holiday journeys, wherever they may be, are safe, restful, and joyful.

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August 31, 2007

Business and Economics Library to Be Closed Labor Day

This weekend, BEL will be open 1-5 on Saturday and 1-10 on Sunday. Monday we will be closed as it is a national holiday, Labor Day.

Enjoy the long week-end!

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June 15, 2007

New Resources for BEL Researchers

BEL is pleased to announce two new resources for business and technology researchers: Small Business Resource Center and Medical & Healthcare Market Guide.

From the publisher's website:

Small Business Resource Center features dozens more resources, including titles from John Wiley & Sons, publisher of the well-known “For Dummies” series; Portable MBA in Strategy, 2nd Ed.; The 7 Irrefutable Rules of Small Business Growth; Portable MBA in Entrepreneurship; the entire Business Plans Handbook Series, which contains hundreds of sample business plans created by real-life entrepreneurs; the Encyclopedia of Business Information Sources ; Encyclopedia of Management and Small Business Management – A Framework for Success

One can search by keyword in trade journals, sample business plans, or by business topic.

Small business and entrepreneurship classes will find this invaluable when developing business plans or strategies for classes or competitions.

Our second new resource to highlight is Medical and Healthcare Marketplace Guide, also known as MHMG. One can search for companies, industry information, and obtain new information about the latest trends in medical technology.

As always, happy searching!

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January 11, 2007

Happy New Year...and lots of news...

Welcome back, UIUC students and new ones too! We also say hello to any new visiting faculty.

Since we've last posted, BEL launched a new database, Market

Market has over 11,000 reports by 550 publishers. It's the aggregator of many market research reports by Packaged Facts, Kalorama, Icon Group, Euromonitor, etc. It's great...check it out. Bear in mind is for UIUC users only, and for scholarly or pedagogical purposes. Net ID and PW required.

CIBER and the Food & Brand Lab graciously provided funds for Market

We've discovered some news:

*CBOT donated money for Market Trading Room to be in the new instructional facility
*The Office of Undergraduate Affairs in the College of Business has won a $5,000 grant from the Chancellor’s Task Force on Civic Commitment in the 21st Century to help fund the startup of its Social Entrepreneurship Summer Institute (SESI). SESI is a summer program that will educate students, through service learning, about civic engagement and societal needs. At the same time, the institute will provide community organizations with training on basic business concepts, in an effort to help these organizations to function more effectively while grappling with limited resources. The institute will also help community organizations to explore whether a “social entrepreneurship” enterprise, creating a for-profit venture to sustain their non-profit’s organization and mission, is right for them.

U2IPERG announced this afternoon another seminar coming up on January 22. It is with Professor Nate Jensen of Washington U and the title of his talk is Title: "Firm-Level Responses to Politics: Political Institutions and the Operations of U.S. Multinationals". Should be interesting.

There's more after the jump..

In technology news, Apple came out with the iphone, which may have many implications, such as being a real e-book reader, playing itunes, and video taking...all in one phone. Meantime, Cisco is suing Apple over trademark infringement.

And lastly, closer to home..

Over Winter break, belloger Becky Smith got to meet author Robert Scoble of Podtech, who wrote Naked Conversations: How Blogs are Changing the Way Businesses are Communicating with Customers. Scoble, along with his wife, Maryam, host the Scoble Show, a videoblog that is on Thursdays.

341550987_27d86f6d61_m.jpeg Scoble and the wannabe geek, Becky

As always, happy searching!

And stay tuned for more to come.

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December 15, 2006

BEL Winter Break Hours

BEL will be open December 18-22, January 2-5, and January 8-12 from 8:30am-5:00pm for the Winter Break.

BEL wishes to take this time to say happy holidays to all of our researchers and hope that your travels will be safe.

See you next year!

candystick Photo courtesy of Dreamstime.

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August 3, 2006

Second Bloomberg Machine Added in BEL

BEL has another Bloomberg machine. It is in the computer lab and already getting some use.

Bloomberg 2.0 is the new machine and it has a new keyboard. Bloomberg will be changing out our other keyboard next week that is near the Reference Desk.

We thank the UIUC Finance Department for this addition. It will be very well used by the MSF students this year while they work on Bloomberg certification.

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March 20, 2006

BEL Hours for Spring Break

BEL hours are 10-5 M-F this week.

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March 13, 2006

BEL Clinic on Tue & Fri Mornings

BEL Clinic is now open in Wohlers 350 Hall for BA doctoral students and faculty on Tuesday and Friday mornings from 10-11:30. BEL Associate Professor Becky Smith will be giving demonstrations and training on various business-related research databases for your research as well as new reference citation tools provided through the University Library. She will also field trial databases that may be of interest to you as a researcher. Got a research project with variables in mind, but not certain about the best places to look? Here’s your opportunity to walk in and ask Becky!

Among the questions asked:

* Where can I find a list of biotech companies in the pharmaceutical area that also has university professors working them on R & D? What patents are being created? Who are the personnel involved? What alliances and mergers have taken place in this industry? Where can I find more literature on the area of technology transfer?

* Where can I find financials and segment data for companies in Emerging Markets? I cannot find all of them on Compustat North America.

..and more

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January 3, 2006

Happy New Year

Welcome back, everyone!

We will be open 8:30a-5:00p M-F until classes start.

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December 16, 2005

BEL's Hours for Winter Break 2005

BEL's hours for Winter Break 2005 (12/18-1/16) will be Mon-Fri 8:30am-5pm. We will be closed on weekends and on the following days: 12/26-1/2; 1/16.

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December 8, 2005

BEL Salutes: Profs Carissa Holler and Yoo-Seong Song

Our BEL faculty have been busy teaching Bloomberg to several groups. One complement came through my e-mail last week, from a UIUC Distinguished Teacher in the department of Finance:

Your presentation of the Bloomberg system to the bankers from ABC Bank was a huge success. Each presentation created mew excitement and your inserting Chinese as the language to explain each screen was an excellent decision. Your ability to read the interest and needs of the Chinese bankers resulted in many wonderful discovery type learning experiences.

Also your enthusiasic responses to the questions from each group created a natural excitement from the bankers. You have many wonderful characteristics that tell me you are going to be a great teacher!!

Good going! Despite not feeling her best, Professor Holler still gave it all she had to do these presentations.

In addition, thanks to Professor Yoo-Seong Song who was with her on some of the sessions and contributed suggestions for searching Bloomberg on certain questions as well.

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December 1, 2005

BEL's Hours for Finals

BEL will be open regular hours except on December 17, when we will be open 11am-5pm.

Currently, we are working on heating issues. If students just want to study, we recommend going into BEL stacks as it is quiet and warmer in there. If there are group projects, we recommend other places in the Main Library, Funk ACES Library, or Grainger Library for comfort.

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November 23, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving!

BEL will be closed Thanksgiving Day through Saturday. However, we resume regular hours, 1-10 on Sunday, November 28th.

We hope everyone has a good break, safe travels if going out of town, and we'll see you soon!

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October 27, 2005

New Faculty Member in BEL

Carissa Holler is our new Business and Finance Librarian and Assistant Professor of Library Administration in BEL. While her liasion duties to Accounting, Finance, and Strategy are new, she is not new to us. Carissa worked as half-time Business Reference Specialist, supervising our grad assistants and providing reference assistance to our customers.

In addition to her position here, she worked as a half-time Research manager for the Academy of Entrepreneurship and IBC at the College. She will continue her work as liasion to the IBC.

Other duties include research and service to our profession as well as the university.

Full steam ahead, Carissa! Welcome aboard!

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June 17, 2005

bellog--A Chance for You and BEL to dialog!

BELlog is a web log, commonly known as a "blog." So you ask, what is a blog?

According to Wikipedia, blog is defined as:

A web application which contains periodic posts on a common webpage. These posts are often but not necessarily in reverse chronological order. Such a website would typically be accessible to any Internet user. The term "blog" came into common use as a way of avoiding confusion with the term server log.

Blogging is not new to many who are frequent Internet surfers, but it may be new to some of our students, faculty, staff, librarians, and whoever else chooses to read it.

The blog will serve many purposes we hope, in serving our neighborhood. First, it will replace the "What's New" feature on BEL's homepage. Second, we are aware that many of our readers are innodated with e-mails. You can have "bellog" posts fed to your XML or RSS reader via, or other reader sites. Thirdly, we hope to provide news about the business academy, snippets from the Communications Dept of College of Business, news about BEL faculty and staff, and bring your attention to new databases, free sites for business/economics information, and to allow you, the reader to get to know us as information professionals. Library databases are great tools, but it takes the know how to use them effectively.

Lastly, but most important, it is an opportunity for you to dialog with us. The beauty of a blog is that you can type comments on our posts. While we know 99% of our readers who choose to post comments, we ask that no obscenities or rants be posted here. If you have a big complaint about our services and products, please send BEL a personal e-mail instead, and we will try to resolve your issue or concern as soon as we can.

Your bellogers will be:

Becky Smith, Head of BEL
Yoo-Seong Song, ILIR & Economics Librarian
Carissa Holler, Business Reference Specialist
Laura Hanson, Business Information Librarian and blog developer

Our staff may be blogging occasionally too.

Content support will be provided by our graduate assistants, who tirelessly are the front line support too inside BEL. We cannot do without them!

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