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December 21, 2007

Happy Holidays

Greetings everyone:
Dear All,

Just in time for holiday searches: SimplyMap is here.

In Online Resource Research page, it is listed as one word: SimplyMap.

If you are a UIUC researcher, please e-mail bel@library.uiuc.edu with directions on how to set up your own account. It is not available outside of UIUC.

Also, it works best in IE.

Additionally for your searching pleasure:

International Directory of Company Histories, and Encyclopedia of Emerging Industries, both online, no seat restrictions on those.

BNA--the suite of employment, tax, and others, available via proxy server. Again, only for UIUC researchers.

I'm not certain if that works off campus, but certainly it does on campus.

Forthcoming: EconLitPlus text.

BEL will be closed next week and will reopen January 31st.

As always, happy searching!

Be safe in your journeys, wherever you may be going!

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