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September 28, 2007

Spotlight: Hedge Fund Information Sources

Hedge Funds investing is hot and very popular with MBA students (and non-MBA’s as well) in locating lucrative, exciting work. At this blog, hedge fund rankings is the number one search entry click.

The following is a selected list of links to recent guides on the topic of hedge funds from top b-school libraries. Bear in mind for regular internet users, the webibliographies suggests directories, databases, and some websites. Some of the sites offer a definition of the topic as well. However, you must be a current student or an alum of these schools to use their resources.

Chicago: Hedge Funds
Columbia: Alternative Investments
Emory: Hedge Funds
Harvard: Hedge Funds
Penn: Hedge Funds
Stanford: Hedge Funds
Vanderbilt: Hedge Funds

BEL has some of the same resources, notably, Alpha Magazine and Bloomberg.

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