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October 4, 2006

Problems with Printing Articles from Science Direct

This just in from Bill Mischo, Engineering Librarian:

There is a problem with printing Elsevier ScienceDirect PDF articles after retrieving the article through a Discover SFX link. The message you may see is: "Could not start print job." This problem is also appearing with Engineering Village yellow full-text DOI links and Web of Science grey "View Full-Text" links and may be present in other A & I services. So, it is not just an SFX problem.

One way to get around the problem for now is to copy or note the specific citation, retrieve the journal through ORR, locate the specific article and then print. That is, the Online Research Resource connection to the specific journal and article is working fine. Another solution is to save the PDF to the hard drive or desktop and then print from there.

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