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August 25, 2006

Finding the Best Business School for You

A new book, Finding the Best Business School for You, has arrived and is on Reserve at BEL. Call number is 650.0711 D423f

Description from Amazon.com:
"Ultimately, finding the best and most appropriate business school requires more than following trends and assessing rankings. Dennis and Smith offer an approach that is designed to help prospective MBA students cast their nets widely, thinking more expansively, creatively, and strategically, with both short- and long-term implications in mind. Discussing the pros and cons of a formal business education (in the context of evolving attitudes toward management and the role of the MBA in developing successful leaders), the authors help readers identify their underlying motivations for pursuing an MBA, learn how to read between the lines of the popular rankings, and utilize the concept of return on investment (ROI) to evaluate programs on the basis of their contribution to long-term professional and personal goals. At a time when one-fourth of all master's degrees conferred are in business, Finding the Best Business School for You offers practical insights for making wise decisions and getting the most out of the MBA experience."

Chapter 11, "Criteria for the Future" is noteable as it does look at the progression of curriculum as business needs change.

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