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June 20, 2006

Gada.be: New Metasearch Tool

Just as we thought we had it made with Dogpile or Topix, another metasearch tool comes along. It's called Gada.be. No extension. Just gada be. It was created last year by a fellow named Chris Pirillo, along with some other colleagues at Lockergnome. Pirillo has own live radio show on Thursday nights, and is one of the organizers of Gnomedex, a high tech/bloggers conference, which is being held next week. I had not heard of Gnomedex before, until I was searching for some information on Fortess Investment Senior Advisor and former Senator John R. Edwards.

From what I can tell, it searches blogs, news (via other search engines), amazon.com, msn, etc. The search term has to be somewhere in tags (a form of metadata) listed somewhere. bellog happens to have its tags on technorati, and now I see it's also on plazoo. Thus, it's still a key word search engine, without refinements.

Check it out. Just don't expect it to search long phrases like Google does. gada.be/

Posted by Becky at June 20, 2006 11:02 AM Posted to Technology