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March 15, 2006

BEL Salutes: Visiting Assistant Prof Laura Hanson

Today, bellogers said good bye to this blog's administrator, Visiting Assistant Professor Laura Hanson. Unfortunately, her position was not funded because of very competitive internal capital markets.

Professor Hanson made this blog a friendly place to visit, and for bellogers to post; likewise she completely re-designed the BEL web site, as well as the Industrial and Labor Relations website. While we gratefully acknowledge the re-design was based on some good survey research previously done by the ESSL and code borrowed, Professor Hanson created the look and feel of BEL appear as though it was our own in order to appeal to our clients--students, faculty, and onlookers. She included RSS feeds both in this blog and to our website to create value and draw readers to what belloger and BEL faculty colleague Yoo-Seong Song has coined, "the library killer app", which means more of our readers will find navigation through our information tsunmai a lot calmer and easy to do.

I was amazed all of the work that went into the graphics and the care of ensuring that our pages were so reachable by anyone. Some of the College of Business faculty gave our new web site accolades. We are pleased they like the new pages; most of the complements were about the look and feel.

She left us with excellent products. Professor Hanson will continue her career in Digital Librarianship. She is off to an excellent start, and we believe she will do very well.

Only bellogers know as well how Professor Hanson contributed to the training of our grad assistants, and how she answered many tough questions related to datasets.

From BEL staff and faculty-- thank you, Professor Hanson from the bottom of our minds and hearts.

From this belloger, Bon chance, Laura...hope you will connect with us when you can. BEL wasn't designed to be an alpha nor an omega for learning and relationship building.

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