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February 2, 2006

Reference Desk OAQs: Finding GDP Data

Q. I would like to compare the GDP Venezuela from 1980 to the present in US dollars.

A. The easiest way to do this is with the Global Market Information Database (GMID), located on the BEL website Fast Access to Key Databases. The database is a little tricky to manipulate, but there’s a ton of information there once you relax and just go with the GMID/Euromonitor flow. Once you’ve accepted the terms of use, select Keyword Search and type in “GDP Venezuela.” It will show you a variety of GDP statistics – select Total GDP, Venezuela. From there you may select the time series you would like to view, as well as the currency (for US currency you can select a fixed rate of exchange or a year-on-year rate).

NOTE: you can also get at the data by selecting the geography (click once on the plus sign next to Latin America & Caribbean to view all countries in the region, then click once on Venezuela to select it), then selecting the category (Economic Indicators – >GDP – >Total GDP), then hit the big red button that says Run Search. Make sure you click on the plus sign, rather than the name of the region. If you select the region name, then effectively you are highlighting all the countries in that region (this happened to me several times before I realized it). This route is more complicated, but in the process you can see what kinds of information are generally collected in the GMID.

Erin G.

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