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January 30, 2006

Reference Desk OAQs: Credit Ratings of Defunct Companies

Q. Where can I find the credit ratings of a company that went out of business 10+ years ago?

A. There are multiple sources you could try to find your company information. BEL maintains the most recent edition of the Mergent Industrial Manual and Mergent OTC Industrial Manual – (in previous years it was Moody’s Industrial Manual and Moody’s OTC Industrial Manual) – you would need to consult these back issues in the stacks. These two sources should be the first thing you should try (we’ve had the most luck with them), however you could also try:

Research Insight (available in the BEL computer lab as Compustat Research Insight) retains 20 years of financial data on 12,000 publicly traded companies;

Hoover's Business Boneyard (click Hoover’s Online under BEL’s Fast Access to Key Databases) contains information on thousands of companies that no longer exist; and, finally,

Corporate Text (available in the BEL computer lab), which contains annual, quarterly, and proxy reports on companies from 1987-1995.

Erin G.

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