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January 3, 2006

Year in Review: Hedge Funds

Annually, the WSJ does a "Year in Review" section in its first issue in January. For those searching all of the "review articles" this on our version of WSJ, the title starts with "Year-end Review of Markets and Finance:..."

Today, since hedge fund information seems to be the most popular with our readers thus far on bellog, we will feature the hedge funds article. From WSJ:

Hedge Funds Grow Popular With Investors

"An activist approach provided the catalyst" that helped increase returns at a number of hedge funds, says Carrie McCabe, U.S. chief executive at Financial Risk Management, which invests more than $12 billion in various hedge funds for its clients. "Some of the more niche-oriented strategies like energy trading and super-catastrophe bonds provided interesting opportunities as well." It is hard to find specific data for these strategies. Ms. McCabe says many hedge funds that focus on energy were up 20% for the year, though there isn't reliable data on all the funds that focus on these strategies.

Read the rest here. (UIUC id and pw required)


Chart courtesy of WSJ

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