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December 8, 2005

BEL Salutes: Profs Carissa Holler and Yoo-Seong Song

Our BEL faculty have been busy teaching Bloomberg to several groups. One complement came through my e-mail last week, from a UIUC Distinguished Teacher in the department of Finance:

Your presentation of the Bloomberg system to the bankers from ABC Bank was a huge success. Each presentation created mew excitement and your inserting Chinese as the language to explain each screen was an excellent decision. Your ability to read the interest and needs of the Chinese bankers resulted in many wonderful discovery type learning experiences.

Also your enthusiasic responses to the questions from each group created a natural excitement from the bankers. You have many wonderful characteristics that tell me you are going to be a great teacher!!

Good going! Despite not feeling her best, Professor Holler still gave it all she had to do these presentations.

In addition, thanks to Professor Yoo-Seong Song who was with her on some of the sessions and contributed suggestions for searching Bloomberg on certain questions as well.

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