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October 14, 2005

Business News: Audible Air

Tired of carrying around CD or tape players to listen to books on tape? Now you can download and listen the DiVinci Code on your phone via an internet service.

From the New York Times:
"Its actual name is Audible Air, and it's a way to download spoken recordings from Audible.com to the Palm Treo cellphone and other wireless gadgets - over the air, wherever you happen to be. But to appreciate its significance, you must first understand how Audible works.

Audible.com offers digital "books on tape" for the intellectually inclined. Today, 600,000 people listen each month to Audible's spoken recordings of over 7,000 books and 47 magazines and newspapers. Most people these days listen to Audible recordings - or "content," as the company annoyingly calls them - on portable players like iPods and Palm organizers, after first downloading them to their computers. In fact, you get a free iPod Shuffle when you sign up for six months of Audible service, or a free Creative MuVo with a one-year contract."

LINK to rest of article by David Pogue

Not certain I'd want to use my battery on a cellphone to listen to a long book like McCollough's 1776, but on an iPod--sounds appealing. It'll be interesting to see if libraries start having subscription serices like Audible Air.

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