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October 7, 2005

Becky's Blurbs: Journal Citation Reports on Web of Science

Recently, we had a query about whether or not it was possible to find out if one journal cited another journal. As I was not certain if this was possible, I suggested the faculty member contact Thomson Scientific to see if this was possible on Web of Science.

Apparently, it is...and easier than slicing a loaf of bread. According to what TS-ISI told the faculty member, this is how you do it:

One way to determine this is to use Journal Citation Reports, to which I believe your institution has access through Web of Knowledge. These journals are covered in the JCR Social Sciences edition.

Once you get into this edition, click on ‘Search for specific journal’ and look for one of the journals you are interested in.

When you click on the full record for that journal, there are two buttons underneath the title for showing detailed data relating to citing and cited journals.

Clicking on Cited Journal Data will show a list of journals that have cited this title;

Citing Journals Data will show a list of journals that this title has cited. This data includes number of citations by year.

Thank you, BA faculty member for finding this out for us...and we thought it would be rocket science. ;-)

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