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October 13, 2005

Becky's Blurbs: Entrepreneurship Research Portal

Today, our newest (soon to be) faculty member Carissa Holler sent me a link to a homegrown database developed by an information professional at UIUC's Academy for Entrepreneurial Leadership. The content is created at UIUC and funded by the Kauffman Foundation of Kansas City.

You can search by keyword, as long as you embed the word inside quotation marks and it pulls up several scholarly articles on the topic. It's fairly well indexed, but you have to look carefully for the link to the full-text. Not all articles will have a full-text link because we don't subscribe to all of the publications indexed in the database. That is OK though because at least you know what's out there.

Here's the link to Entrepreneurship Research Portal until it gets added to the library's Online Research Resources (ORR).

To get started, try the keywords "technology transfer" in the database. See what results you get...I think you will be somewhat impressed.

Remember that only UIUC users can see the full-text by using their Net ID and password to journals we subscribe to on a regular basis. Look for "doi" in the link to the full-text.

As always, happy searching!

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