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October 5, 2005

AskMeNow Service Sends Answers to Your Handset In a Matter of Seconds

From Walter Mossberg's Column in WSJ:

IF YOU'RE ONE OF those people who thinks he's always right, but can't prove it on the spot, we might have just the technology for you.

This week, my assistant Katie Boehret and I tested a new service called AskMeNow that attempts to be like a digital version of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire's phone-a-friend. This service works by answering questions of all sorts in just a few minutes for free, or in some cases for 49 cents per question.

AskMeNow, based in Irvine, Calif., is a division of Ocean West Holding Corp. and is currently only available in beta (or prerelease version), but its full-scale service will come out in the beginning of next month. Its concept is very straightforward: You send questions to the service by calling from your cellphone or emailing directly from a portable smartphone, and answers are sent back to your phone or hand- held via Short Messaging Services (SMS) or email within about a minute.

LINK to rest of article (UIUC Net ID & Password Required)

From Becky:
I wonder about this type of service and is it better than e-mailing the local public library? Some public libraries have chat services called 24/7 or another Question Point, in which librarians in the Asia Pacific rim do answer questions for US citizens. And what does a half dollar query or answer mean in terms of value. It would be nice to know how to value our services...or perhaps these folks are thinking they can bring back old movies for a half dollar...online. I entertain comments here.

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