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September 28, 2005

B. Joseph White Presses Campus to Aim High

Joseph White, James F. Towey Professor of Business and Leadership, was inaugurated as U of I's President on September 22 at UIUC's Krannert Center.

According to the News-Gazette:

White, 58, who has been on the job since Jan. 31, spoke about his vision for the UI. He said the university is at a "tipping point" where it could slowly decline toward mediocrity or create a brilliant future.

"A future of mediocrity for the University of Illinois is both alarming and absolutely unacceptable," White said. "Understand: I did not come here to preside over decline."

To create a future of greatness, he said, the UI needs high aspirations; money from the state, tuition, research grants and contracts, and private donors; leadership; and big ideas.

White quoted Chicago architect Daniel Burnham, who said, "Make no little plans." Some examples of big ideas for the UI, he said, are creating a virtual university as a fourth campus to fully participate in online education; becoming a leader for sustainable energy production and consumption in the state; and developing "successful intelligence" in young people to help them achieve their professional and personal goals, in addition to academics.

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