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August 13, 2005

Google Delays Book Digization Database

From the New York Times:

August 13, 2005
Google Library Database Is Delayed

Google said yesterday that it would temporarily halt its program to make searchable, digital copies of the vast contents of three university libraries to give publishers and other copyright holders the chance to opt out of having their protected works copied. ..

(further down the article)
In the meantime, Google will allow publishers and others to tell it which of their works they do not want included in its searchable database of printed material.

Adam M. Smith, a senior product manager at Google, said in an interview that the opt-out policy was consistent with the way Google maintains its relationships with Web site owners, allowing them to say when they do not wish to be included in a searchable index.

"We believe this program is consistent with the principle of fair use, and it will allow authors to write more books, allow publishers to sell more books and to have a more robust publishing industry," Mr. Smith said.

LINK to rest of article (registration req'd, but free)

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