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August 15, 2005

Database Alert: Yahoo Contends It Tops Google

From Wall Street Journal Online (subscription required):

Yahoo Contends It Tops Google In Number of Pages Searched

Experts Discount Relevance Of Index Size in Searches As Web Rivals Trade Salvos

August 15, 2005; Page B4

A new battle for bragging rights has broken out between rival search engines.

Yahoo Inc. last week said that its users can now search through more than 19 billion Web pages, far exceeding Google Inc.'s claim of 8.2 billion pages that its engine can search. Now Google is publicly questioning Yahoo's numbers.

Many experts say that the number of pages available for searching, known as a search index, isn't a significant factor for most consumer searches, especially once indexes reach a few billion pages or more. More important in determining successful searches are the secret formulas that the rival services employ to display the most relevant results for a given Internet query.

But the current scuffle shows how seriously companies pursue claims of superiority in the hugely competitive search industry. For marketing reasons, the possibility that Yahoo, which was late to the party in introducing its own Web search engine, might be able to assume some kind of technology leadership over Google is noteworthy.

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