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August 22, 2005

B-School News: New Working Paper about B-Schools

DeAngelo, Harry, DeAngelo, Linda and Zimmerman, Jerold L., "What's Really Wrong With U.S. Business Schools?" Social Science Research Network (July 2005). http://ssrn.com/abstract=766404


U.S. business schools are locked in a dysfunctional competition for media rankings that diverts resources from long-term knowledge creation, which earned them global pre-eminence, into short-term strategies aimed at improving their rankings. MBA curricula are distorted by "quick fix, look good" packaging changes designed to influence rankings criteria, at the expense of giving students a rigorous, conceptual framework that will serve them well over their entire careers. Research, undergraduate education, and Ph.D. programs suffer as faculty time is diverted to almost continuous MBA curriculum changes, strategic planning exercises, and public relations efforts. Unless they wake up to the dangers of dysfunctional rankings competition, U.S. business schools are destined to lose their dominant global position and become a classic case study of how myopic decision-making begets institutional mediocrity.

The paper was written partly in response to the Bennis and O'Toole's article May, 2005 Harvard Business Review article "How Business Schools Lost Their Way."

Thanks again to ABLD member Bob Hebert for alerting BEL to this working paper and HBR article.

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