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July 15, 2005

Carissa's Column: Doing Business / Investment Climate

This week’s resource comes from the World Bank’s Rapid Response Unit http://rru.worldbank.org/. There is a lot of terrific information on this site, but I want to focus on the two Data Resources: “Doing Business” and “Investment Climate."

Want to know how many procedures are required to start a business in over 100 different countries? “Doing Business” allows you to select a topic such as Starting a Business, Hiring & Firing Workers, Registering Property, Getting Credit, Protecting Investors, Enforcing Contracts, or Closing a Business and compare statistics across countries. Conversely, you can select a specific country to see how it measures up in each of these areas.

Want to know what more than 28,000 surveyed firms think about the investment climate in 58 countries? “Investment Climate” allows you to select a topic such as Firms' Perceptions, Infrastructure & Services, Finance, Government Policies & Services, Conflict Resolution & Crime, Capacity & Innovation, or Labor Relations and compare statistics across countries. As with “Doing Business,” you can also select an individual country to view its results across all topics.


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