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July 30, 2005

Becky's Blurbs: Teaching at CIBER Conference

Today Yoo-Seong Song and I gave a workshop for the doctoral students who attended a CIBER conference July 29th-30th at UIUC. The first day was more about internationalizing course content, whereas the second day was about how to successfully perform and publish research. Our part was how teaching the attendees how to search databases more efficiently and effectively.

Many thanks to Lynnea Johnson, Associate Director of CIBER, who organized the conference. Yoo-Seong and I enjoyed meeting the students, and as usual, they walked out with a tip, information for a variable they couldn't locate on their own, or learned about resources they didn't know they had at their own institutions. It's a good thing I am aware of what databases peers research institutions have to offer in order to answer their questions, thus being a member of ABLD is worth it! RAS

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