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June 20, 2005

Becky's Blurbs

Becky's Blurbs is my table for you and I to share a cup of business-economic-labor (another type of BEL) related information and perhaps a comment or two.

At times, I will be providing that cup of BEL that spotlights on freely available sites that contain data, unique content, or perhaps both.

One of the better sites I've discovered recently is by the Labor Research Association (LRA). LRA is a New York City-based non-profit research and advocacy organization that provides research and educational services for trade unions.

The name of the site, LRA Online, provides the latest breaking news from major newspapers. It also provides statistics pulled from sources such as the US Census. The data that are pulled together answer questions such as:

*how big is union membership as a whole or by sector
*which professions are expected to grow in the future?
*how many Americans are uninsured?

Click to look at the Statistics page.

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