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June 17, 2005

bellog--A Chance for You and BEL to dialog!

BELlog is a web log, commonly known as a "blog." So you ask, what is a blog?

According to Wikipedia, blog is defined as:

A web application which contains periodic posts on a common webpage. These posts are often but not necessarily in reverse chronological order. Such a website would typically be accessible to any Internet user. The term "blog" came into common use as a way of avoiding confusion with the term server log.

Blogging is not new to many who are frequent Internet surfers, but it may be new to some of our students, faculty, staff, librarians, and whoever else chooses to read it.

The blog will serve many purposes we hope, in serving our neighborhood. First, it will replace the "What's New" feature on BEL's homepage. Second, we are aware that many of our readers are innodated with e-mails. You can have "bellog" posts fed to your XML or RSS reader via, or other reader sites. Thirdly, we hope to provide news about the business academy, snippets from the Communications Dept of College of Business, news about BEL faculty and staff, and bring your attention to new databases, free sites for business/economics information, and to allow you, the reader to get to know us as information professionals. Library databases are great tools, but it takes the know how to use them effectively.

Lastly, but most important, it is an opportunity for you to dialog with us. The beauty of a blog is that you can type comments on our posts. While we know 99% of our readers who choose to post comments, we ask that no obscenities or rants be posted here. If you have a big complaint about our services and products, please send BEL a personal e-mail instead, and we will try to resolve your issue or concern as soon as we can.

Your bellogers will be:

Becky Smith, Head of BEL
Yoo-Seong Song, ILIR & Economics Librarian
Carissa Holler, Business Reference Specialist
Laura Hanson, Business Information Librarian and blog developer

Our staff may be blogging occasionally too.

Content support will be provided by our graduate assistants, who tirelessly are the front line support too inside BEL. We cannot do without them!

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