Welcome to the Biology Virtual Library

Welcome to the Biology Virtual Library portal! This portal replaces and updates the previous Biology Library website. The new page reflects the closing of the physical Biology Library, which took place on May 13, 2011. You can read about the change in the Closing FAQ

The Librarian remains available for assistance, including but not limited to research assistance, book or journal purchase requests, and instruction of library materials/policies.

Contact the Biosciences Librarian, Kelli Trei, at ktrei2@illinois.edu or a 217-244-2503.

The Biology Library closed based on recommendations from the New Service Model for Biology and Life Sciences. You can read the full report of the Biology and Life Sciences Implementation Team here.

The New Service Model (NSM) process began in Fall 2007, when a group was convened to advise the University Librarian on priorities and directions for "new service models" that would build on the Library's traditional strengths (including the depth of our collections and the quality of our services) to ensure that Illinois remain as much a leader in the provision of library services in the twenty-first century as it was throughout the twentieth.  Based on a synthesis of ideas from the Library faculty and staff, strategic priorities and input from the campus community, the New Service Model (NSM) Program involves nearly two dozen projects to be pursued over the next few years, as articulated in Library Services for the 21st Century at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (April 21, 2008).

The Biology Library has undergone many changes over its long history at the University of Illinois. Some of the benefits resulting from the transition to a virtual library include a greater ability to meet students and faculty at their point of need, increased opportunities for interaction with classes in the online environment, and greater flexibility for adapting to the evolving forms of teaching and research in the 21st century.


Contact the Biosciences Librarian:
Kelli Trei
(217) 244-2503