Welcome to the Biology Library

Welcome to the Biology Library. The Biology Library provides a working collection of over 128,000 volumes and  nearly 3000 biological sciences periodicals (print and/or electronic). The collection is primarily designed to support the curricular and research needs in the biological sciences, particularly the students and faculty of the School of Integrative Biology (SIB) and the School of Molecular & Cellular Biology (SMCB), formerly known as the School of Life Sciences (SOLS).  Holdings include the areas of:

Although the Biology Library was established in Burrill Hall in 1959, the collection originated in the late 1800's with the library of S. A. Forbes. As a result, the Biology Library holdings are rich in rare, older editions of classic publications; botany, entomology, and ornithology are particularly outstanding.

For further information, see History of the Biology Library.

The Biology Library officially closed in May 2013. Its holdings may be found at the Funk Library or by request at the Oak Street facility. Search the online catalog to locate the items you need.

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