Placing Course Materials on Reserve

Selected Course Reserves materials for the Schools of Integrative Biology (SIB) and Molecular & Cellular Biology (SMCB) and occasionally other courses are held at the Funk ACES Library, Chemistry Library, or Undergraduate Library.  E-reserves for the Biology Virtual Library are handled through Information Processing & Management (IPM), a unit of the University Library's Technical Services Division.   Details with instructions follow below.   To find reserve items, see Finding Course Materials on Reserve. For additional information, see Biology Library FAQ's Course Reserves for information how to locate Biology Library Reserves materials.   Note: Professors, please share this information with your TA’s.

Print Reserves 

Please contact a librarian at at the Funk ACES Library, Chemistry Library, or Undergraduate Library for assistance placing print items on reserve.

Electronic Reserves

Materials that are appropriate for electronic reserves are  articles, book chapters, lecture notes, exams, reserves lists, and selected other material types that can be photocopied.  Materials will be scanned and a link provided from the Course Reserves section of the Online Library Catalog under your course name.  If the article is already available electronically, a direct link to the article will be made. To access electronic reserves, search the Course Reserves section by course number or instructor's name from the UIUC Online Library Catalog where items can then be linked to. 

E-reserves for the Biology Library are handled through Information Processing & Management (IPM), a unit of the University Library's Technical Services Division.  Electronic Reserves can be taken care of by dropping off your reserves list(s) and one clean, one-sided photocopy of the item(s), pdf (s) (no Mac formatted disks or ZIPs, please), or the URL of electronic articles along with your Electronic Reserve Request Form: PDF | MS Word | Webform  at the Undergraduate Library (UGL) Service Desk, or mailed to the Information Processing & Management Center (IPM) at their new location at 7A Main Library, MC-522 [please note that the IPM location is for mailed materials only - not items to be dropped off.  Dropped-off items are received at the Undergraduate Library (UGL) Service Desk].   

Requests are usually processed within 48 hours, although the more advance notice you can give them the better, especially at the beginning of the semester. The library will take care of copyright clearance for articles that exceed the Fair Use provisions.  Only people logging in from campus IP addresses or with campus NetID's will be able to access the e-reserve materials.

Materials are automatically removed from reserve at the end of each term unless there is a request submitted to carry them over to the next term.  To take Library-owned books, media, or electronic reserves off earlier than the end of the term, send an email to with course and instructor information, as well as which particular items should be taken off of reserve and why.  Personal copied can be picked up at the Undergraduate Library (UGL) Circulation & Reserve Desk any time the UGL is open.

If you have questions about the electronic reserves process, contact the Information Processing & Management staff at; 4-3773 or Mary S. Laskowski, Head, IPM at


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