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Bloomberg Professional Service From Bloomberg LP "...integrates real-time and historical information on about 5 million bonds, equities, commodities, currencies and funds. Our electronic library also comprises data on almost every publicly traded company and biographies of more than 1 million people."
Morningstar Principia This database provides fundamental performance risk, operations, and statistics on more than 7,000 mutual funds. It also provides fundamental performance risk, operations, and statistics for more than 500 close-end funds.
SDC Platinum This database includes detailed information about Mergers & Acquisition deals (as reported), venture capital, securities and trading, corporate finance, corporate restructuring, industry specifics (HMO, nursing, hospital, REIT), global, public finance, global new issues. SDC Platinum requires a login. Please contact the graduate assistant on duty if you need help logging on.
Value Line Investments This database provides reports on approximately 1700 stocks in over 95 industries. It is similar to the paper version of Value Line Investments in terms of content. Only the last 13 weeks/issues are available. This database requires a login and password. Please ask the library staff on duty to help you log in.