COB Digital Research Library

Team Members

Becky Smith
Associate Professor, BIS Librarian
& COB Digital Research Library

Zoe Revell
Library Operations Associate

Erik Rebain
Graduate Assistant

What We Do


The College of Business Digital Research Library’s mission is to enhance the knowledge of business research by providing trusted advice on which resources are appropriate and available through the College of Business, the University Library, the University of Illinois, other institutions, or other resources available for a fee.

Who We Serve

The Digital Research Library (DRL) serves College of Business faculty, students, and staff.

What We Offer

DRL provides research strategy consultations and pedagogical support for College of Business researchers and educators with services such as:

  • Citation counts in Web of Knowledge
  • Assistance in using Securities Data Corp for downloading historical data sets (M & A, J-V, New Issues)
  • Assistance with getting started using WRDS
  • Assistance for events in historical newspapers, SEC Filings, and annual reports
  • Workshops on business databases
  • Referrals to experts in other units within the College of Business and on campus

All in a relaxing environment, offering comfortable chairs and state of the art desktops. Just bring a flashdrive!


Room 113, First Floor, Wohlers Hall
1206 South Sixth Street
Champaign, IL 61820

Open Hours

Spring and Fall Semesters

     Monday – Thur  1:30 – 4:30 pm

     Weekday mornings & Friday  by appointment

Summer and Interims

     By appointment only



Phone: (217) 333-3619