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UIUC Dissertations on South Asia

Following is a select bibliography of dissertations / theses accepted in South Asian studies at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. For detailed information please search library theses catalogue. Information about dissertations can be located through keyword, author or advisor search. Also there are two huge VIDYANIDHI and INFLIBNET searchable databases of several doctoral theses accepted in Indian universities. Information about Indian theses can be searched by author, supervisor, subject, title, language, university, and year of award.

Abraham, Itty

Security, technology and ideology: "strategic enclaves" in Brazil and India, 1945-1989.Thesis (PhD), 1993.


Adisasmito-Smith, Steven Eric.

Svaraj and self-reliance: Translating the self and its rule from the "Bhagavad-Gita" and "Manusmriti" to the works of Emerson, Thoreau, and Gandhi. Thesis (PhD), 2003.


Aggarwal, Arjun Prakash

Comparison of selected aspects of American and Indian labor Law. Thesis (JSD), 1959.


Ahmed, Quazi Mesbahuddin

Foreign aid, domestic savings and economic growth: the experience of Bangladesh, 1972-1991.Thesis (PhD), 1992.


Akhtar, Shahnaz

A study of daily time allocation by rural housewives in North West frontier province of Pakistan. Thesis (MS), 1993.


Arnold, Alison E

Hindi film¯i g¯it: on the history of commercial Indian popular music. Thesis (PhD), 1991.


Asrar, Mohammad

Perceptions and preferences on institutional decision making of the faculty of North-West Frontier Province Agricultural University, Pakistan. Thesis (PhD), 1990.


Asthana, Vandana

Discourses of power and resistance in the water policy process of Delhi, India. Thesis (PhD), 2008.


Aswathanarayana, Vani

After the demolition: constructing the communal riots of 1992-93 in the Media. Thesis (Ph D), 1999.



Babiracki, Carol M

Musical and cultural interaction in tribal India: the karam repertory of the Mundas of Chotanagpur. Thesis (PhD), 1991.


Bajpai, Kanta Prasad

The origins of association in South Asia: SAARC 1979-1989.Thesis (PhD), 1990.


Barnes, Douglas French

The impact of agricultural development on social structure in India: a district level analysis from 1961 to 1971.Thesis, 1979.


Barua, Pradeep P

Race, politics, and armies: the dynamics of military modernization in twentieth-century colonial India. Thesis (PhD), 1995.


Bashir, Muhammad

An evaluation of some management practices for improving wheat productivity in northern Pakistan. Thesis (PhD), 1993


Bashir, Muhammad

Impact of farm mechanization on labor and crop production cost in Pakistan. Thesis (MS), 1990.


Basu, Sriparna

Overlapping terrains: orientalism, Indian nationalism and the erotics of cross-cultural contact. Thesis (PhD), 1999.


Begum, Roshan A

Welfare analysis of price policy for raw cotton in Pakistan. Thesis (MS), 1993.


Berns, Margie Sue

Functional approaches and communicative competence: English language teaching in non-native contexts. Thesis (PhD), 1985.  


Bhatia, Tej Krishan

A syntactic and semantic description of negation in South Asian languages. Thesis (PhD), 1978.


Bhatt, Rakesh Mohan

Word order and case in Kashmiri. Thesis (PhD), 1994.


Bhattacherjee, Debashish

Union-type, labor market structure, and bargaining outcomes in Indian manufacturing: an analysis of the new unionism in greater Bombay. Thesis (PhD), 1987.


Bhattacharya, Himika

Is my honor not honor? Women's narratives of marriage, violence and culture in Lahaul, India. Thesis (PhD), 2008.


Birla, Suresh Chandra

Regional demand analysis of major food grains in India. Thesis (PhD), 1970.


Bower, Mary Elizabeth

Communism in India [microform]: an analytical perspective. Thesis (BA) in Political Science, 1980.


Burns, Susan Marie

Potential arms management and limitations measures for South Asia. Thesis (MA), 1990.


Chakravarty, Pradip

The political economy of mass media development in India 1947-1984. Thesis (PhD), 1994.


Chakravarty, Sumita

Identity and authenticity: nationhood and the popular Indian cinema, 1947-1962.Thesis (PhD), 1987. 


Chawdhry, Muhammad Arshad

Effect of land tenure on resource use and productivity in agriculture: a case study of Punjab, Pakistan. Thesis (PhD), 1974.


Chishti, Anwar Fazil

Demand for and supply of Pakistan Basmati rice. Thesis (MS), 1990.


Damle, Vivek Madhav

Analysis of the Indian vegetable seed industry. Thesis (PhD), 2000.


Darda, Jayashree

Landscape design guidelines for cave temples and monasteries in western India. Thesis (MLA), 1990.


Debchaudhury, Sudata

Japanese imperialism and the Indian nationalist movement: a study of the political and psychological impact of possible invasion and actual occupation, 1939-1945. Thesis (PhD), 1992.


Deo, Susan Ruth Rothrock

An economic analysis of biogas technology for a hypothetical village in rural India. Thesis (MS), 1980.


DeSousa, Valerian

The constitution of the colonial labor subject: labor law in Colonial India, 1881 to 1936.Thesis (PhD), 1993.


Deva, Vrinda

Women's bargaining power in the household: Self-employment versus wage employment among low-income women in India. Thesis (PhD), 2003.


D'souza, Jean

South Asia as a sociolinguistic area. Thesis (PhD), 1987.


Fiol, Stefan Patrick

Constructing regionalism: Discourses of spirituality and cultural poverty in the popular music of Uttarakhand, North India. Thesis (PhD), 2008.


Forbes, Geraldine Hancock

Positivism in Bengal: a case study in the transmission and assimilation of an ideology. Thesis, 1972.


Furtado. Christina S.

Inter-rebel group dynamics: cooperation or competition the case of South Asia. Thesis (PhD), 2007.


Ganguly, Shivaji

The United States and South Asia: a study of policy and process. Thesis, 1977.


 Ganguly, Sumit Kumar

The origins of war in South Asia: 1947-1971.Thesis (PhD), 1984.


Geldard, Alison Elizabeth

Music and musical performance among the East Indians in Chicago. Thesis (M. Mus), 1981.


George, Arun

Design guidelines for the Goshree Roadlink in Kochi, India. Thesis (MLA), 2001.


Gingrich, Chris Daniel

Trade deficits, foreign exchange reserves and the agricultural sector in developing countries: Nepal as a case study. Thesis (MS), 1987.


Gour, Sudama Swarup

A study in concepts and measurement of labor force and labor requirements in agriculture with special reference to India. Thesis (MS), 1963. 


Gujral, Ragini

The military, war and national integration: symbolic treatment of the military and war for purposes of national integration in Indian mass media. Thesis (PhD), 1984.


Gurdev Singh

Operating capital use in relation to investment in depreciable assets on farm firms in central Punjab, India. Thesis (PhD), 1979.


Hall, Charles Joseph

The maharaja's account books: state and society under the Sikhs, 1799-1849. Thesis (PhD), 1981.


Heinrich, Steven Allan

Code switching and contextual culture: the Indian model of stability maintenance. Thesis (PhD), 1991.


Hemenway, Stephen Ignatius

The novel of India Summary: On English novels about India; a study. Thesis (PhD), 1972.Subjects: Forster, E. M. (Edward Morgan), 1879-1970. Passage to India. English fiction--Authors, Indic--History and criticism. Anglo-Indian fiction--History and criticism.


Householder, David Eugene

Caging the rainbow: the effects of center-periphery conflict on a major adult education program in India. Thesis (PhD), 1984.


Huda, Shamsul

Elite composition and power structure of Chittagong, Bangladesh, 1940-1985. Thesis (PhD), 1989.


Hussain, Syed Sajidin

Analysis of economic efficiency in northern Pakistan: estimation, causes and policy implications. Thesis (PhD), 1989.


Idris, Mohammad

Family influence on utilization of remittances: a case study of a village in the North West Frontier Province Pakistan. Thesis (PhD), 1991.


Islam, Mursaleena

Floodplain resource management: an economic analysis of policy issues in Bangladesh. Thesis (PhD), 2001.


Jha, Satish Chandra

Indian land reform research literature. Thesis (PhD), 1967.


Jindia, Jaswant Rai

Estimation of costs and returns on Indian farms: sampling problems and production function analysis .Thesis (PhD), 1970.


Jones, Lynn Anne

Between Byzantium and Islam: royal iconography and the Church of the Holy Cross at Aghtamar. Thesis (PhD), 1995.


Kahl, Chad M

The improbability of progress on the non-proliferation of nuclear weapons in the Middle East and South Asia. [Microform].Thesis (BA), 1993.


Kahn, Asmatullah

Farmers' resource status and information availability and utilization: a study within Northwest Frontier Province, Pakistan. Thesis (PhD), 1988.


Khan, Hamid

Islamic law of intestate succession. Thesis (LLM), 1973.


Khory, Kavita Rusi

Separatism in South Asia: the politics of ethnic conflict and regional security. Thesis (PhD), 1991.


Kolavalli, Shashidhara

Economic analysis of conjunctive use of water: the case of Mahi-Kadana irrigation project in Gujarat, India. Thesis (PhD), 1986.


Kotamraju, Pradeep

The 'other' energy crisis and economic development: the role of non-commercial fuels in Indian subsistence agriculture. Thesis (PhD), 1985.


Layng-Awasthi, Tracey

Indian English fiction and the American reader: non-native texts in the ESL classroom. Thesis (AM), 1994.


Lutz, Richard

The effect of pronoun type on first and second language perceptual strategies in Hindi. Thesis (PhD), 1985.


Madaiah, Madappa

Financial intermediaries and monetary policy. Thesis (PhD), 1968.


Mandana, Ganapathy Biddanda

Indian tea in the world market. Thesis (MS), 1993. 


Malik, Arshad Salim.

An historical analysis of student activism in India, prior to 1947.Thesis (MS), 1990.


 Maloney, Joel

Soviet ballistic missile defense and small nuclear force states [microform]: Chinese, Indian, and Pakistani security dilemmas in the age of strategic defense. Thesis (BA), 1985


Marlow, Patrick Edwardsp

Origin and development of the Indo-Aryan quotatives and complementizers: an areal approach. Thesis (PhD), 1997.


Mazumder, Aparajita

Cross-cultural refractions: India in English Romantic poetry. Thesis (PhD), 1990.


McLain, Robert Anthony.

The body politic: Imperial masculinity, the Great War, and the struggle for the Indian self, 1914--1918. Thesis (PhD), 2003.


Mehra, Beloo

The home-school relations: an exploration into the perspectives of parents and schools on Asian Indian cultural model of schooling. Thesis (PhD), 1998.


Mehra, Bharat

Mandala and the sacred landscape of traditional Hindu cities. Thesis (MLA), 1997.


Mehta, Rini Bhattacharya

Prisoners of history: Bengali cultural nationalists and the Hindu past. Thesis (PhD), 2006.


Menon, Goutham M

Care giving and schizophrenia: understanding the worldview of Asian Indian families. Thesis (PhD), 1997.


Menon, M. Rajan

India and the Soviet Union: a case study of international influence. Thesis, 1979.


Mishra, Mithilesh .

The syllable structure and stress patterns of the Maithili language. Thesis (PhD), 2006.


Misra, Rama Shanker

Production and market potentials of soybeans in India. Thesis, 1970.


Misri, Deepti

Reading violence: Gender, violence, and representation in India and Pakistan (1947--present). Thesis (PhD), 2008


Mitchell, Lisa Ann

Acceptability of variation in nativized varieties of English: India as a case study. Thesis (MA), 1993


Mitra, Ananda

Mahabharat on Doordarshan: the articulation of television and popular culture in India. Thesis (PhD), 1992.


Mohanty, Chandra Talpade

The hidden curriculum of sex roles in two urban middle class Bombay preschools. Thesis (PhD), 1987.


Murase, Satoru

Patchwork jacket and loincloth: an ethnographic study of the Bauls of Bengal. Thesis (PhD), 1991.


Murase, Satoru

Rethinking ritual purity-impurity in India. Thesis (MA), 1984.


Murthi, Meera. Rape attributions in India: the influence of attitudes towards women, violence, and communities. Thesis (PhD), 2006.


Murti, Kamakshi P.

Die Reinkarnation des Lesers als Autor : ein rezeptionsgeschichtlicher Versuch über den Einfluss der altindischen Literatur auf deutsche Schriftsteller um 1900.Thesis (PhD),1987


Mushtaq, Mohammad

Rural credit markets and consumption smoothing : evidence from Pakistan. Thesis (PhD), 1999.


Narayan, Arathir

A comparative analysis of the Indian textile and apparel industries. Thesis (MS), 1988.


Neuman, Daniel M

The cultural structure and social organization of musicians in India: the perspective from Delhi. Thesis, 1974.


Oldenburg, Veena Talwar

The making of colonial Lucknow, 1856-1877. Thesis (PhD), 1980.


Ollikkala, Robert Charles

Concerning Begum Akhtar: "Queen of Ghazal". Thesis ( PhD),1997. Subjects: Akhtar, Begum, 1914-1974.

Pandharipande, Rajeshwari

Syntax and semantics of the passive construction in selected South Asian languages. Thesis (PhD), 1981.


Panjwani, Jyoti

From 'A room of one's own' to 'A room in the home': Discourses of negation in Indian feminist post-colonial fiction of Anita Desai, Mannu Bhandari and Ashapurna Devi. Thesis (PhD), 1996.


Pant, Shridhar Prasad

An evaluation of econometric and mathematical programming models : useful for planning the agricultural sector in India. Thesis, 1970.


Prasad, Amit.

Cultures of techno science: A study of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) research in the United States and India. Thesis (PhD), 2004.


Prasad, Srirupa

Social production of hygiene: Domesticity, gender, and nationalism in late colonial Bengal and India. Thesis (PhD), 2006.


Propp, Kathleen M.

The establishment of agricultural universities in India; a case study of the role of USAID-U.S. university technical assistance. Thesis (MA), 1968.


Pruitt, Eric S.

Exegesis and the quest for textual univalency in the Indian philosophical tradition [microform]: a comparative study of the Bhagavad-Gita commentaries of Shankara and Swami A.C. Bhaktivedanta Prabhupada. Thesis (BA), 1993.


Quayes, Muhammad Shakil

The agricultural household in Bangladesh: a disaggregated empirical analysis with particular emphasis on the demand for food calories. Thesis (PhD), 2000.


Quazi, Rahim Masudur

Macro performance, fiscal behavior, and water investments: three essays on the effects of foreign and in Bangladesh. Thesis (PhD), 1999.


Raghavulu, C. V.

Organizational conflict in Indian government organizations. Thesis (PhD), 1976.


Rajagopalan, Swarna

National integration : the state in search of community. Thesis (PhD), 1998.


Raman, Deepa

The meaning and role of the Hindu temple in the United States. Thesis (MLA), 1993.


Ramu, G. N.

Family and caste in urban India : a case study. Thesis, 1972.


Ranganath, Nicole Therese

Wedding women to tradition: The politics of marriage in the Indian Diaspora, 1947—2002. Thesis (PhD), 2003.


Rao, Srinivas M.

Attempts at secession in India. Thesis (MA), 1989.


Rashid, A. S. M. Shahidur.

Idiosyncratic income shocks, access to credit, and households' welfare in an agrarian economy: Micro-econometric studies on rural households in Bangladesh. Thesis (PhD), 1999.


Rasool, Saeeda

From private gardens to public parks : a study of transformation in landscape of Lahore, Pakistan from seventeenth century till present. Thesis (MLA), 1994.


Saroyara Jahana

An inter-regional planning model for rural development in Bangladesh. Thesis (PhD), 1987.


Sardesai, Shonali

The management and mismanagement of ethno-regional conflicts: the case of South Asia. Thesis (PhD), 2000.


Schäufele, Steven William

Free word-order syntax: the challenge from Vedic Sanskrit to contemporary formal syntactic theory. Thesis (PhD), 1991.


 Schultz, Anna C.

Rastriya kirtan of Maharashtra: Musical fragments of nationalist politics. Thesis (PhD), 2004.


Sen, Siddhartha

Role of Indian NGO's in housing and development: a critical appraisal. Thesis (PhD), 1991.


Shaw, Annapurna

The role of the casual poor in a Third World urban economy: a case study of Calcutta, India. Thesis (PhD), 1985.


Sijapati, Binod Bickram

Small farmer credit programs in Nepal. Thesis (MS), 1980.


Slawek, Stephen Matthew

K¯irtan : a study of the sonic manifestations of the divine in the popular Hindu culture of Ban¯aras. Thesis (Ph.D.), 1986.


Smiley, Chareva Leigh

American Hinduism [microform] : South Asian religious beliefs and practices as incorporated into American culture in the New Age. Thesis (BA), 1994.


Sridhar, Kamal Keskar

The development of English as an elite language in the multilingual contest of India : its educational implications.Thesis,1977.


Subbarao, K.V.

Noun phrase complementation in Hindi. Thesis (PhD), 1983.


Suraweera, Don Edward Franklyn

A programming analysis of production and resource use in small-holder agriculture in the dry zone of Sri Lanka. Thesis (PhD), 1982.


Tan, Kim Lai

An economic analysis of tubewell irrigation; a case study in Dhamrai, Bangladesh. Thesis (MS), 1985.


Tata, Lakshmi S.

Factors facilitating and hindering safer sex negotiations among female sex workers in Pune, India: Conversations with women in sex work. Thesis (PhD), 2004.


Tehseen, Waheeda Mant

Validation of the planarian bioassay with defined mixtures and testing against other bioassays with contaminated samples from Pakistan. Thesis (PhD), 1993


Tellis, Allwyn

Mahatma Gandhi's "Constructive Programme": Building a new India.

Thesis (PhD), 2006.


Tsiang-Starcevic, Sarah Yvonne

The discourse functions of subordinate constructions in classical Sanskrit narrative texts. Thesis (PhD), 1997.


Tulachan, Pradeep Man

Demand and production of rice in Nepal: the past situation and future prospect. Thesis (MS), 1979.


Valentine, Tamara Marie

Aspects of linguistic interaction and gender in South Asia. Thesis (PhD), 1986.


Varma, Alka

Effect of U.S.-India bilateral agreements on the growth of apparel trade with India. Thesis (MS), 1989.


Vasudeva, Sunita

The poverty of communication theory in India. Thesis (PhD), 1994.


Venkataraman, Jayashree

Indigenization process of alcoholism treatment from the American to the Indian context. Thesis (PhD), 1996.


Venkataraman, Kalpagam.

Rasa in Indian aesthetics: Interface of literature and sculpture. Thesis (PhD), 2003.


Warfield, Ronald Ralph

Land tenure and its role in the economic development of Nepal. Thesis (MS), 1967.


Weinstein, Jay Allan

Madras: an analysis of urban ecological structure in India. Dissertation, 1973.


Welikala, Nihal

Dynamics of potassium in some Illinois and Sri Lanka soils. Thesis, 1986.


Wolf, Richard Kent

Innovation, interpretation, and the maintenance of tradition in the Karaikkudi style of vina playing. Thesis (MM.), 1989.


Wolf, Richard Kent

Of God and death: music in ritual and everyday life: a musical ethnography of the Kotas of South India. Thesis (PhD), 1997.


Yesuratnam, Basimalla

Attitudes of secondary school teachers in Guntur district, Andhra Pradesh, India toward in-service education. Thesis (PhD), 1982.