What Fields to Fill In

A list of Desk Tracker fields that should be used at UGL, RRGIS, and the Virtual Desk.

There are two basic categories of interactions, Information/Directional and Reference Question.

Information/Directional Questions

Fill in the following fields:

There is no need to enter data into any of the other fields, since most of them would not offer us useful assessment information (e.g. "Question is About" is already answered by the fact that it is a directional question).


Reference Question

Fill in the following fields

Referred to Specialist is only used if appropriate.

We are using many fields and it can be tricky to remember to fill in each one, especially if you are very busy. But if you make a mistake or forget to enter data in a particular fields, you can use Desk Tracker's "cancel last entry" feature to start over. This line appears every time you enter an interaction into Desk Tracker (see screenshot below).

Cancel Last Entry line