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This web page consists of resources to assist University of Illinois libraries in the use of their Desk TrackerTM online software. Desk Tracker can be used to collect data on the nature and duration of reference interactions, gate and head counts, as well as any customized field which a library wishes to develop such as "Technology-Related Reference," a field developed by the Undergraduate Library. To enable cross-comparisons across libraries and ensure that the same field is being applied in the same manner throughout the University Library, the Library Assessment Committee has worked to develop standardization documents for each Desk Tracker field. Further, we have also developed a few Microsoft Excel programs earlier that make manipulating and analyzing Desk Tracker data easier.


Most of the files on this page are in a state of ongoing development. Any and all feedback is welcome; please send comments and inquiries to Assessment.


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One major limitation of Desk Tracker is the inability to export the charts created within the program itself; what's more, the raw data exported via the "Data File Generator" tool under the Reports pane comes in a cluttered and inflexible format. The two macros listed below are programs which run in Microsoft Excel and aim to make the processing, analysis, and graphing of Desk Tracker data a simpler and more intuitive task. Both macros have not received wide usage and may contain errors; if you experience problems and cannot resolve them with the guidelines provided here, please contact phettep1[at]illinois[d0t]edu. The macros handle reference interactions by mode of communication, duration, and time of day, as well as gate counts, but not necessarily any customized fields which libraries may be using.


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