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Division Members and Affiliates

Division Members
Batoma, Atoma African Studies Bibliographer 244-2148
Condill, Christopher (Kit) Russian, East European & Eurasian Studies Librarian 244-2073
Jiang, Shu Yong (Division Chair) Chinese Studies Librarian 244-3669
Lenkart, Joe International Reference Librarian 333-1349
Moustafa, Laila (Hussein) Middle East and North African Studies Librarian 300-0552
Rudasill, Lynne Global Studies and European Studies Librarian 365-6879
Sotomayor, Antonio Latin American and Caribbean Studies Librarian 300-4812
Thacker, Mara South Asian Studies 300-5717
Witt, Steven (Head, IAS Library) Japanese Studies 333-1501
Kemplin, Lisa Renee Library Operations Associate 300-5241
Oono, Yuriko Senior Library Specialist 265-8192
Xiaoping Qi Senior Library Specialist 265-8224
Kagan, Al Africana Bibliographer
Miller, Larry Slavic Bibliographer
Affiliates and Liaisons:
Song, Yoo-Seong Korean Studies (25%) 333-8021
Carns, Paula Arts & Humanities Liaison 333-0076
Chu, Clara Director, Mortenson Center 244-1847
Kolchinsky, Irene Managing Editor, ABSEES 244-3899
Schnuer, Susan Associate Director, Mortenson Center 333-0031
Sroka, Marek LLL (sabbatical until May 2016) 265-8025