Reference Service

Reference help from a librarian is available at the Ricker desk between the hours of 9 and 5 on weekdays and by appointment.


Ricker Library has seven public, networked computers equipped with CD/DVD burners, basic office and web-browsing software, and Adobe Acrobat Professional and Photoshop Elements, as well as a laser printer. For more information on printing at the Library see the Printing Instructions or the Papercut Printing Main Page. Wireless internet access (WLAN) is also available.


Ricker Library has a flatbed scanner and a microfilm/fiche scanner available for public use.


Two photocopy machines are available in the main reading room. Copies are fifteen cents each and can be paid for with change, a Value Card, or an I-Card that has had money added to it at designated Photocopy Card locations. Unfortunately, the Ricker Library has no change-making facilities. Change machines are available in the Undergraduate Library and in the Reference Room of the Main Library. In these libraries you can also to purchase a value card. A third photocopier is available in the hallway outside of the library. None of these photocopiers are owned or operated by the Library, therefore we cannot offer refunds. If you desire a refund, please contact Campus Vending at (217) 333-7100.