Journal Literature

Finding Articles: Indexes and Databases

Due to the interdisciplinary character of the field, there is not a single database that covers all journal publications relevant to research in environmental psychology.The results of such research are reported in architectural, design, planning, geographic, and related publications, as well as in the psychological literature. As a result, it is necessary to search multiple bibliographic sources to find pertinent research.

Major Indexes

Together the following databases provide coverage of most of the relevant literature.


Supplementary Databases

Depending on the specific area of investigation a number of other databases and indexes may include relevant material.

Environmental Psychology Journals

Core Journals

These three journals are devoted almost exclusively to the publication and review of research in environmental psychology. Titles link to on-line versions where available.


Other Journals

While they are not devoted solely to environmental psychology, relevant research articles often appear in the following journals. Also included are some environmental psychology journals that have ceased publication.


Newsletters, etc.

While they do not contained peer-reviewed articles or detailed reports of research, the following periodicals can be helpful in keeping up-to-date on professional activities in the field.