Ricker Library Collections


Ricker's collection of books is divided into four groups as indicated in by the book's record in the on-line catalog:

Books at Ricker are shelved by size and Dewey Decimal call number. Larger format books, “Folios” and “Quartos” have an F or a Q preceding their call number in the on-line catalog. Smaller format books, “ Octavos” are designated by their call number alone.

Ricker Library holds a substantial collection of Catalogues Raisonnés.

A selection of new books is on display on a table in the Reference Room. These books may be checked out.


Print Periodicals List, a more detailed list that includes art and architecture journals shelved in the Main Stacks is available at the front desk.

Recent and bound periodicals are shelved alphabetically by title and do not circulate. Yearbooks are now shelved along with other periodicals beginning across from the front desk and extending into the Reference Room. Most current journals are located on the east end of the Reference Room, although some are kept at the font desk. Many journals are also available, in whole or in part ,electronically, via the Library's On-line Research Resources.

Ricker's periodical collection includes substantial holdings of the following subject-oriented serials:

Electronic Resources

Ricker Library offers a number of electronic resource including periodical indexes and databases, reference works, and image databases. Most of these are only available from campus computers and from off-campus by logging into a proxy server with your NetID. These resources can be accessed through this web site and through the University Library's On-line Research Resources.

Other Materials