Architecture and Urbanism Journal (A+U)

Kenchiku to Toshi or Architecture and Urbanism (A+U) is a monthly Japanese publication on architecture. In addition to these monthly issues (shelved in Ricker under Kenchiku to Toshi) the publisher has issued a number of extra or special issues separately from the main magazine. Most are about specific architects but some have been issued on themes or topics. All extra or special issues are catalogued separately. Unless noted below, they are shelved in either the closed stacks or open section of Ricker Library. Indices such as the Avery Index to Architectural LIterature index these issues, however, it is often not noted that they are extra issues nor do they give the title of the issue. Using the list on this website, searchable by Title or year, use the online catalogue to determine where the issue is shelved.

Please Note: We do not have all Extra or Special Editions.

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20th Century Architecture and Urbanism, December 1994.  Q.720.97471T918

20th Century Architecture and Urbanism, Milan, December 1991.  Q.720.94521D151t

20th Century Architecture and Urb anism, Paris, September 1990.  Q.720.94436C66t

Alexander, Christopher, August 1993.  Q.720.973AL26k

Alvar Aalto Houses: timeless expressions, June 1998.  Q.720.9471Aa1aLr

Ambasz, Emilio, April 1993.  Q.720.973Em462a

American High-Rise Buildings, April 1988.  Q.720.4830973Am35

Atelier Five, January 1993.  Q.720.9494At26a

Botta, Mario, September 1986.  Q.720.945B658m

Cecil Balmond=Seshiru Barumondo, August 2006. Q.720.93 C324

CCTV: Rem Koolhaas and Ole Scheeren by OMA, July 2005. Q.720.9492 K83c

Childs, David / SOM, September 1993. Q.720.973C437d

Cook, Peter, December 1989.  Q.720.942C77p

Eisenman, Peter, August 1988.  Q.720.973Ei84p

Foster, Norman, May 1988.  Q.720.942F815n

Gaudi, Antonio, December 1977. Q.720.946G23ar

Hertzberger, Herman, April 1991. Q.720.9492H444he

Herzog and de Meuron, February 2002.  Q.720.9494H449H3

Herzog and de Meuron, 2002-2005, August 2006. Q.720.9404 H449herz

Hollein, Hans, February 1985.   Q.709.43H72h

I. M. Pei Words for the Future, December 2005. 720.973 P35im

International Building Exhibition, May 1987.   Q.720.943In8

Italian Architecture, 1945-1985, March 1988.  Q.720.9450904It1

Jahn, Helmut, September 1992.  Q.720.973J193n

Jahn, Helmut, June 1986.  Q.720.973J193he

Jean Nouvel 1987-2006, April 2006. Q.720.944 N855je

Jencks, Charles, January 1986.  Q.720.973J41c

Kahn, Louis I., November 1983.  Q.720.973K12L

Light in Japanese Architecture (H. Plummer), June 1995.  720.952P736L

Master of Light (H. Plummer), November 2003.  729.28P736m

McCury, Tigerman: 1960-1993, May 1994.   Q.720.973Y4482

Meier, Richard: Getty Center, November 1992.  Q.720.973M47g

Moore, Charles (Japanese Only), May 1978.   Q.720.973M781w

Moore, Rubell, Yudell, August 1992.   Q.720.973M786m

Morphosis: urban projects, June 1994.   Q.724.6M829

MVRDV Files, November 2002.   Q.720.9492M989

New York Art Deco Skyscraper, April 1987.  Q.709.04012N42

Obata, Gyo / HOK, December 1990. Q.720.973Ob1g

OMA @work, May 2000.   Q.724.6Om19

Pelli, Cesar, July 1985.   Q.720.973P36s1985

Piano, Renzo,  March 1989.   Q.720.945P57ren

Poetics of Light (H. Plummer), December 1987.   Q.721P736p

Potential House (H. Plummer), September 1989.  Q.728.30973P736p

Questions of Perception (Holl, Pallasmaa, Perez-Gomez),  July 1994.   720.1H718q  Reprint: 720.1 H718q2006

Recent Work of James Stirling Michael Wilford, May 1990.   Q.720.941J236r

Roche, Kevin,  August 1987.   Q.720.973R

Rogers, Richard, December 1988.   Q.720.942R633r

Rossi, Aldo, November 1982.  Q.720.945R73a

Rudolph, Paul, July 1977.   Q.720.973R835a

Saarinen, Eero,  April 1984.   Q.720.973Sa1ee

Scarpa, Carlo, October 1985.   Q.720.945Sc76car1985

SITE, June 1989.   Q.720.973Sa28

Siza, Alvaro, June 1989.   Q.720.9469Si99ar

Stern, Robert A.M., June 1982.  Q.720.973St4r

Theoretical Anxiety and Design Strategies in the Work of Eight Contemporary Architects. 720.922 M745t:e

Tschumi, Bernard: 1983-1993, March 1994.   Q.720.973B456

Venturi, Rauch and Scott Brown,  December 1981.  Q.720.973V568

Visions of the Real, March 2000.   Q.728.0904V825

Woods, Lebbeus,  August 1991.   Q.720.973W864n

Zumthor, Peter, February 1998.   Q.720.92Z85pe


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2006, August Herzog & De Meuron 2002-2005 Q.720-9494 H449herz

2006, November Cecil Balmond = Seshiru Barumondo. Q.720.93 C324

2006, April Jean Nouvel 1987-2006. Q.720.944 N855je

2005, July CCTV: Rem Koolhaus and Ole Scheeren by OMA. Q.720.9492 K83c

2005, December I. M. Pei Words for the Future . 720.973 P35im

2004, Theoretical Anxiety and Design Strategies in the Work of Eight Contemporary Architects.  720.922 M745t:e (Two copies in ARC, one in ARX

2003, November, Master of Light (H. Plummer).  729.28P736m

2002, November, MVRDV Files.   Q.7209492M989

2002, Februrary, Herzog and De Meuron.   Q.9494H44h3

2000, May, OMA @work.   Q.724.6Om19

2000, March, Visions of the Real.   Q.728.0904v825

1998, June, Alvar Aalto Houses: timeless expressions.  Q.720.9471Aa1aLr

1998, February, Zumthor, Peter.   Q.720.92Z85pe

1995, June,  Light in Japanese Architecture (H. Plummer).   720.952P736L

1994, December, 20th Century Architecture and Urbanism.   Q.720.97471T918

1994, July, Questions of Perception (Holl, Pallasmaa, Perez-Gomez).   720.1H718q Reprint (ARX): 720.1 H718q2006

1994, June, Morphosis: urban projects.   Q.724.6M829

1994, May, McCury, Tigerman: 1960-1993.   Q.720.973T4482

1994, March, Tschumi, Bernard: 1983-1993.  Q.720.973B456

1993, September, Childs, David / SOM.   Q.720.973C437d

1993, August, Alexander, Christopher.  Q.720.973Al26k

1993, April, Ambasz, Emilio.  Q.720.973Em462a

1993, January,  Atelier Five.  Q.720.9494At26a

1992, November,  Meier, Richard: Getty Center.  Q.720.973M47g

1992, September,  Jahn, Helmut.   Q.720.973J193n

1992, August,  Moore, Rubell, Yudell.  Q.720.973M786m

1991, December, 20th Century Architecture and Urbanism, Milan.   Q.720.94521D151t

1991, August, Woods, Lebbeus.  Q.720.973W864n

1991, April,  Hertzberger, Herman.   Q.720.9492H444ne

1990, December, Obata, Gyo / HOK.   Q.720.973Ob1g

1990, September,  20th Century Architecture and Urbanism, Paris.   Q.720.94436C66t

1990, May,  Recent Work of James Stirling Michael Wilford.   Q.720.941J236r

1989, December, Cook, Peter.  Q.720.942C77p

1989, September, Potentential House (H. Plummer).   Q.728.30973P736p

1989, June, Siza, Alvaro.   Q.720.9469Si99ar

1989, March, Piano, Renzo.   Q.720.945P573ren

1988, December, Rogers, Richard.   Q.720.942R633r

1988, August, Eisenman, Peter.   Q.720.973Ei84p

1988, May, Foster, Norman.  Q.720.942F815n

1988, April, American High-Rise Buildings.   Q.720.4830973Am35

1988, March, Italian Architecture, 1945-1985.  Q.720.9450904It1

1987, December, Poetics of Light (H. Plummer).   Q.721P736p

1987, August, Roche, Kevin.   Q.720.973R

1987, May,  International Building Exhibition.   Q.720.943In8

1987, April, New York Art Deco Skyscraper.   Q.709.04012N42

1986, December, SITE.   Q.720.973Sa28

1986, September, Mario Botta.  Q.720.945B658m

1986, June, Jahn, Helmut.   Q.720.973J193he

1986, January,  Jencks, Charles.   Q.720.973J41c

1985, October, Scarpa, Carlo.   Q.720.945Sca76car1985

1985, July, Pelli, Cesar.  Q.720.973P36s1985

1985, February,  Hollein, Hans.  Q.709.43H72h

1984, April,  Saarinen, Eero.  Q.720.973Sa1ee

1983, November, Kahn, Louis I.  Q.720.973K12L

1982, November, Rossi, Aldo.   Q.720.945R73a

1982, July, Stern, Robert A.M.   Q.720.973St4r

1981, December, Venturi, Rauch and Scott Brown.  Q.720.973V568

1978, May, Charles Moore (Japanese Only).   Q.720.973M781w

1977, December, Gaudi, Antonio.   Q.720.946G23ar

1977, July, Rudolph, Paul.   Q.720.973R835a