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Caribbean Studies Reference Sources

This is a broad guide covering humanities and social science aspects of Afro-Caribbean life and culture.  It is a selective list of reference sources on Caribbean  Studies available in the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Library.  As a guide, it will lead the user to more extensive material in the subject area.    


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Bibliographic Guide to Black Studies. 1975- . Main Ref. 016.967 B47.  Annual acquisitions of the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture. Arranged alphabetically and includes subject headings, author and title entries.  
A Bibliography of the Caribbean. 1996. Afro-Americana Ref. 016.9729 G693B.   Comprehensive coverage of the Caribbean region. Contains 3,600 entries arranged alphabetically.
The Complete Caribbeana, 1900-1975: A Bibliographic Guide to the Scholarly Literature. 4 vols. 1977. Afro-Americana Ref. 016.972905 C73C.  Volumes are divided into nine major thematic sections. These are further divided into 63 topical chapters. Also includes an Author and Geographic index  
Haiti: Guide to the Periodical Literature in English, 1800-1990. 1991. Afro-Americana Ref. 016.97294 H127.   More than 5,000 citations of articles written in English. Arranged chronologically.
Latin America and the Caribbean: A Critical Guide to Research Sources. 1992. Afro-Americana Ref. 016.98L3494
Research Guide to Central America and the Caribbean. Afro-Americana Ref. 972.80072 R311



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Biographical Dictionary of Latin American and Caribbean Political Leaders. Afro-Americana Ref. 972.90092 B52. Over 450 biographical sketches of important political figures in the 19th and 20th centuries.  
Contemporary Black Biography. 1992- . Afro-Americana Ref. 920.009296 C767.   Profiles influential people of African heritage who have made a contribution to the international black community. Contains cumulative Nationality, Occupation, Name, and Subject indexes.
Fifty Caribbean Writers: A Bio-Bibliographical Critical Sourcebook. Afro-Americana Ref. 810.9 F4662
Selected Black American, African, and Caribbean Authors: A Bio-Bibliography. Afro-Americana Ref. 016.8109 P143S1985.   632 non-literary writers are covered.



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Atlas of the Third World. 2nd ed. 1992. Map & Geography 912. 191724K965.   A selection of maps and statistical information in graphic form. Arranged by topic.
Cambridge Encyclopedia of Latin America and the Caribbean. 1985. Modern Languages Ref. 980.00321 C1441992.   An economic, historical, and environmental look at the culture. Contains over 50 maps and a select glossary.
Demographic Yearbook. Annuaire Demographique. 1948- . Government Documents UN.ST/ESA/STAT/SER.R.   Collection of international demographic statistics prepared by the United Nations.
A Directory of Caribbean Studies Programs at Colleges and Universities in the United States and Canada. Main Stacks 972.90071197 M4320
Doctoral Dissertations and Selected Theses Accepted by Universities of Canada, United States and Europe, from 1778-1968.  Main Stacks 016.91729 B11D.  Lists 1,247 dissertations and master's theses on or about the Caribbean.  
Encyclopedia of Latin American and Caribbean Literature 1900-2003.  Includes authors, critics, major works, magazines, genres, schools and movements in these regions.
Latin America and the Caribbean: A Dissertation Bibliography. Main Ref. 016.98 D342L.   Cites 7,200 dissertations published up to 1977.
South America, Central America and the Caribbean. Undergrad Ref. 318 So8721999. Surveys the political and economic life both of the region and of 48 countries. Includes a directory of government organization, political organizations, diplomatic representation, judicial system, mass communication, trade and industry, etc.  
Suriname and the Netherlands Antilles: An Annotated English-Language Bibliography. 1992. Afro-Americana Ref. 016.972986 B812S.  Cites mainly humanities and social science works written in English. Lists over 1,200 works.  
West Indian Americans: A Research Guide. 2001.  Afro-Americana Ref. 016.97304 W528w.  A bibliographic survey covering more than 500 articles, books, and other studies on the West Indian immigrant experience.



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A Bibliography of the Negro in Africa and America. 1965 [c1928]. Afro-Americana Ref. 01632526 W89B1965.  Chapters are classified; for students of history and the social sciences. All published before 1928.
African Caribbeans: a Reference Guide. 2004.  Afro-Americana Ref. 972.900496 Af835 .  Introduces selected countries, islands, or group of islands, providing an overview from the arrival of slaves to the current situation.  
Caribbean History in Maps. Map & Geography 912.729 AS34C.   Details the history the Caribbean through maps and textual support.
Dictionary of Afro-Latin American Civilization. Afro-Americana Ref. 980.003 N922D.  A historical and descriptive subject dictionary of 4,500 terms and phrases. Included selected biographies of political leaders, writers, and other personalities.
Enciclopedia Brasileira da Diaspora Africana.  2004.  Afro-Americana Ref. 981.00496 L8812e.  Focuses on African culture and African descendants of Brazil.  Includes information about historical personalities, facts, countries, religions, political parties, institutions, languages, and so on.
Historical Dictionary of Cuba. 1988. Main Stacks 972.9103 SU18H



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The Afro-Spanish American Author: An Annotated Bibliography of Criticism. 1980. Modern Languages Ref. 016.86909 J137ASUP.  Contains 562 entries on authors, literature, and criticism.
The Afro-Spanish American Author II: The 1980s. 1989. Modern Languages Ref. 016.86909 J137ASUP.  An additional 466 entries.  
Bibliography of Women Writers from the Caribbean. Main Stacks . 016.808899287 B458B.   Lists creative works by 1,067 women writers. Arranged into four sections by language.
Black Literature Criticism. 1992. Afro-Americana Ref. 809.8896 B5616.  Covers 125 writers representing the United States, Africa, and Jamaica. Each entry presents a historical survey of critical response to the author's works.
Caribbean Women Novelists: An Annotated Critical Bibliography. Modern Languages Ref. 016.80989287 C191.  Includes women writers who have published at least one book since 1950. Arranged by author and country.  
West Indian Literature: An Index to Criticism. Afro-Americana Ref. 016.8109 AL56W.  Cites critics, criticism, and reviewers.  
Writers of the Caribbean and Central America: A Bibliography. 1992. 2 vols. Afro-Americana Ref. 016.808894729 F368W



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Bibliographic Guide to Caribbean Mass Communication. 1992. Communications Ref. 016.30223 L549B.   An international survey of literature on publishing, film, television, radio, and news services in the region.
The Cambridge Guide to African and Caribbean Theatre. 1994. Afro-Americana Ref. 792.096 C144.  Covers theatrical activity in the English and Spanish speaking Caribbean and Sub-Saharan Africa.
Music and Dance in Puerto Rico from the Age of Columbus to Modern Times: An Annotated Bibliography. 1991. Music Ref. ML125.P8 T46
Rastafari and Reggae: A Dictionary and Sourcebook. 1990. Main Stacks 299.67 M919R



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Black Immigration and Ethnicity in the United States: An Annotated Bibliography. 1985. Afro-Americana Ref. 016.305896073 B561.   Relates to the issues of black immigration of recent decades and its effects on the changing composition of the black population in the U.S.
Dictionary of Contemporary Politics of Central America and the Caribbean. Main Ref. 320.972 G957D.   Entries are arranged alphabetically and by country in this subject dictionary. Contains over 20 pages of maps.
The Latin American Political Dictionary. Main Stacks 980.00321 R7351.  Covers government, the military, political parties, etc.
Women in Jamaica: a Bibliography of Published and Unpublished Sources. 1997. Afro-Americana Ref. 016.3054 B63w .  Cites over 600 works under topical headings such as Arts and Literature, Biography, Education, Economic Conditions and Employment, Family and Fertility, Health, Legal Issues, Politics, and Social Conditions.
Women's Education in the Third World: An Annotated Bibliography. 1989. Main Stacks 016.37091724 K29.  Includes a geographic index to citations.  



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The following abstracting and indexing services will provide citations to articles in both magazines and journals:


Black Studies on CD-ROM. 1995- . Afro-Americana Ref. Pan-African Workstation.  Contains 100,000 records for monographs and audio-visual material owned by the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture; and the last five years of periodical indexing from Index to Black Periodicals. 
Bibliographic Guide to Black Caribbean Literature Contains references to material in all formats about Blacks in the Caribbean and Latin America.


Ethnic Newswatch.  UIUC Online Collection. A full-text collection of  newspapers, magazines and journals of the ethnic and minority U.S. press.


Hispanic American Periodicals Index (HAPI).  UIUC Online Collection.  Provides bibliographic citations to articles and reviews pertaining to Central and South America, Mexico, the Carribean, and Hispanics in the U.S.


Index to Black Periodicals. 1950- . Main Ref. 325.2605 IND1A.   Indexes magazines and journals by authors and subjects. Covers all aspects of the African-American experience. Reviews included.

International Index to Black Periodicals (Included in the Proquest Black Studies Center package along with the Black Literature Index).

Kaiser Index to Black Resources, 1948-1986. 5 vols. 1992. Afro-Americana Ref. 016.9730496073.  Contains 174,000 citations from over 150 periodicals. Mostly newspapers.
Social and Economic Studies Author Index, 1951-1976. Main Stacks 330.972905 SOINDEX1953-1977.  An index to the journal Social and Economic Studies.  


Here are a few exemplary home pages which indicate the variety of Internet Resources available in Caribbean Studies.


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