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African Americans in Illinois Places other than Chicago

Ad Hoc Committee on African-American History.  Certain Aspects of the History of Evanston and Its Public Schools from an African-American Perspective. Evanston, IL: The Committee, 1992. 17 pp.

African-American Heritage, Rockford, Illinois. Rockford, IL: Rockford Area Convention & Vistors Bureau, 1998. 16 pp.

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Barr, Mary.  Friends Disappear: The Battle for Racial Equality in Evanston.  Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 2014.  303pp.

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_____. "'Join Hands and Heart with Law and Order': The 1893 Lynching of Samuel J. Bush and the Response of Decatur's African American Community."  Illinois Historical Journal 83 (1990:Autumn): 187+

_____. "A Warlike Demonstration": Legalism, Armed Resistance, and Black Political Mobilization in Decatur, Illinois, 1894-1898."  Journal of Negro History 83 (Winter, 1998): 52-72.

Chapman, Barbara. That Men Know So Little of Men: A History of the Negro in Rockford, Illinois, 1834-1973. Rockford, IL: Rockford Public Library, 1975. 190 pp.

Clark, Beverly. A Love to Cherish.  Columbus, MS: Genesis Press, 1998. 287 pp. (Fiction. Springfield, IL)

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De Rose, Camille. The Camille De Rose Story: The True Story about the Cicero Race Riots and the Impending World-Wide Race Conflicts. Chicago: Erle Press, 1953. 348 pp.

Dorsey, James William. "The Quest for Doc's Garden: A Community Study of African-American Athletic Success." Ph.D. Thesis, The University of Iowa, 1999. 264pp. (Waukegan, IL)

Du Bois, David Graham.  ...And Bid Him Sing: A Novel.  Palo Alto, CA: Ramparts Press, 1975.  (Fiction. Cairo, IL)

The East St. Louis Race Riot of 1917. Edited by Elliott Rudwick. Frederick, MD: University Publications of America, 1985. 8 microfilm reels.

Frank, Daniel B. Deep Blue Funk & Other Stories: Portraits of Teenage Parents. Chicago, IL: The Ounce of Prevention Fund, 1983. 194 pp. (Evanston, IL)

Goodwin, Ruby Berkley.  It's Good to Be Black.  Carbondale, IL: Southern Illinois University Press, 1953.  357pp.  (Biography. Du Quoin, IL)

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Honore, Sharon Albert.  "Empowered Voices: Freedom of Expression and African- American Community Radio." Ph. D. Thesis, University of Iowa, 1995.  185 pp. (Springfield, IL)

Illinois State Archives.  African-American Records. Springfield, IL: The Archives, 1999. 1 folded sheet (4 p.)   (Genealogical research series pamphlet ; no. 6)

In Unity There is Strength: A Pictorial History of the African American Community of Carbondale, Illinois. Paducah, KY: Turner Pub. Co., 1999. 138 pp.

Jelks, Edward B. The William Carey Barton Family: A Study in Historical Archaeology. Bloomington, IL: Bloomington-Normal Black History Project, McLean County Historical Society, 1996. 54 pp.

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King, Coretta Scott. "Commencement Address at Illinois College." Vital Issues-Journal of African American Speeches 11 (Fall 2001): 45-50.

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Muelder, Hermann R. A Hero Home from the War: Among the Black Citizens of Galesburg, Illinois, 1860-1880. Galesburg, IL: Knox College Library, 1987. 28 p.

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Ogbomo, Onaiwu W. Photographic Images & the History of African Americans in Coles County, Illinois.  Charleston, IL:  Eastern Illinois University, 2002. 39 pp.

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Papers of the NAACP. Part 7, The Anti-Lynching Campaign, 1912-1953. Reel 11, frames 0386-0394. Newspaper clippings on lynching and mob violence in Mounds and Tamms, Illinois. 1 microfilm reel.

_____. Part 8, Discrimination in the Criminal Justice System, 1910-1955. Series A, Legal Department and Central Office records, 1910-1939.  NAACP legal file. Cases supported. Camp Grant case, 1919. Reel 4, frames. 0778-0799.   (Correspondence, memoranda, telegrams, and news clippings documenting the case of several Afro-American soldiers held at Camp Grant, Ill., in connection with an alleged attack upon a woman.)

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