Tornado Preparedness Procedures for Units in the Main and Undergraduate Library

Preparing Units:


Unit heads are responsible for ensuring that all personnel within their unit are trained about the Library’s evacuation procedures and the steps they should take to ensure the safety of their patrons and themselves. The table below lists actions that are the unit head’s preparedness responsibilities and a schedule of when they should occur.




Review Evacuation Procedures

Annually before start of tornado season (3/1 – 8/1) with all personnel; at start of any new personnel.

Review Safe Spaces Near Unit

Annually before start of tornado season (3/1 – 8/1) with all personnel; at start of any new personnel.

Check Flashlight/Radio Batteries


Designate Unit Responded and Alternate to Monitor Weather Situation as Needed

As Needed


Guidelines on Evaluating Safety of Evacuation Spaces


In addition to reviewing evacuation procedures with unit personnel, Unit Heads should evaluate nearby alternate locations to be used only when necessary. The table below lists designated safe spaces, provides a potential alternate, and lists identifying characteristics of spaces that should be avoided. Unit Heads should clearly communicate the location of safe alternate spaces to their personnel, but clearly articulate that these are only intended as points of rescue for disabled patrons and personnel or when no other alternative exists.



Safe, Only if Necessary, or Avoid?

The Tunnel (between Main Library and UGX)


Basement - West Stacks


Enclosed stairwell - West Stacks


Interior offices or bathrooms not eliminated due to criteria below

Only if Necessary

Areas with windows


Corridors with exterior doors


Upper Levels – 4th floor; 10th Stack Level


Any space opposite a doorway


Under skylights or large open ceilings


Near a swinging door


Stairways with windows on the north side of the building.




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