Main Library Room 314 (Library Instructional Space) Usage Guidelines

Library Room 314 is a library instructional space that has 15 computers for student use. In addition, there is wireless access available as well as Ethernet connections. Guidelines for using the equipment in the lab are available at the instructor's station in the front of the room.

Primary use of space:

Reserving the space:

Food and drink policy:

Should food or drink be spilled in 314, please adhere to the following procedure: 


The responsible party should contact (by telephone or in person) the staff in 230 Main Library, not submit an OTRS ticket for Facilities.

The telephone numbers for the Office of Library Facilities:


Only contact Library IT if computer equipment has been involved in a spill. Log a ticket through OTRS specifying the machine name that was affected.

Using the room:

Computer configurations:

Please email if you experience any issues with Room 314 Library. Please let us know if the software is not working for any reason as well as if you notice that the room needs more cleaning supplies, whiteboard markers, or cleaner.