Guidelines for the Distribution of ICR Grant Seed Money

To encourage ongoing UIUC Library institutional research, the Library will commit a portion of its ICR funds received from grants to create opportunities for new institutional research possibilities.  These seed money Library grants are a commitment to seek new ways to enhance the Library’s services to its users. 


Seed monies will be awarded for institutional research leading to future grants or for new or improved Library programs and services.  Monies will be available to Library faculty and academic professionals who wish to do development and pilot or mini-projects to test design prior to preparing formal applications for external funding of full-scale projects. 


Applications should include a narrative of the proposed pilot project, including objective and design, and a budget. Applicants should indicate likely funding sources for the resultant project after the pilot has been completed.  The application should be no more than two to three pages.  Applications are to be submitted to the University Librarian’s Office.  Funding will be made on a semi-annual basis.  Proposals submitted after the designated deadline will be considered in the next semi-annual evaluation. 


The Executive Committee will serve as the review committee for all applications.  It will make its recommendations to the University Librarian based upon all applications submitted against the particular deadline.  As part of its evaluation and recommendation the Executive Committee will provide a brief critique of each application based within the context of the Library’s over-arching goals.  This evaluation will be made available to the applicant. 


Examples of possible projects for seed money:


The development of innovative Library Services and programs to support the campus’ instruction and research mission. 


The development of innovative access and preservation approaches and methods to Library collections. 


The testing and development of national/international information standards and best practices for access to information. 


Approved by the Executive Committee, February 10, 2003.

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