GREAT: Customer Service Guidelines

Orange and Blue version of GREAT Customer Service Guidelines


Whether we call our clientele “customers” or “patrons” or “users” or “colleagues,” we are dedicated to providing excellent service that satisfies or exceeds their expectations.  These guidelines reflect the Library’s and University’s core values and are meant to be carried out within the framework of University, state, and federal laws.  The GREAT guidelines are a foundation for training, delivery and assessment of Library customer service.

Service Guidelines:

Greet all customers and make them feel welcomed

We understand that every customer interaction is an opportunity to showcase the University and University Library as a whole. To create a welcoming and positive work environment, we will…

Respect cultural and other personal differences

We serve an inclusive community with customers who come from a variety of backgrounds, cultures, beliefs, practices, generations, and languages. To show respect for personal differences, we will…

Evaluate and clarify customer’s expectations

We strive to fully understand our customers’ questions and needs. To understand their needs, we will…

Address and respond to customer’s needs

We understand each customer’s needs are different and respond promptly, professionally, and thoroughly. To address their needs, we will…

Thank and verify that needs have been met

We take responsibility to ensure that our customers’ expectations have been fully met. To verify needs have been met, we will…

The Staff Development and Training Committee is responsible for training staff to use the GREAT guidelines, and provides a self-assessment for staff to use. 

We are also anxious to share the stories of GREAT Customer service provided here in the University Library.  Share a great customer service story and nominate a library staff member for a GREAT award and read about GREAT Customer Service in the Library on the Growing People Blog.