Library Information Technology

426 Main Library
1408 W Gregory Dr
Urbana, IL 61801
217.244.4358 (fax)

IT Prioritization & Review Working Group



The charge of the Library IT Prioritization working group is to review requests for Library IT projects and resources, and to determine whether or not they should be undertaken, how they should be carried out, and in what priority they should be addressed. The working group will create a transparent and timely process for request/approval/denial process, seeking a maximum of input from the requester(s). The group will utilize appropriate Project Management communication strategies to facilitate ongoing stakeholder and general awareness of both projects and the day-to-day work that Library IT does to support the goals of the Library. The group will conduct its decision making in the context of existing projects and ongoing IT workload. The working group will use information supplied in unit annual reports and from other sources to shape annual Library IT budget requests and to develop strategic priorities for future technology service directions.

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IT PRWG Membership


Technical services and collections representatives

(recommended byt he AUL for Collections and the Coordinator for TSD)

     Stephanie Baker (8/16/19 - 8/15/11)
     Jessica Efron  (8/16/10 - 8/15/12)* 
     M. J. Han  (8/16/09 - 8/15/11)     Vice chair
     Wendy Shelburne  ((8/16/010 - 8/15/12)


Public services representatives

(recommended by the AUL for Services and the Advisory Committee to the Associate University Librarian for Services)

    Jenny Emanuel   (8/16/09 - 8/15/11)

     Carissa Phillips   (8/16/10 - 8/15/12) 

     Chris Prom      (8/16/10 - 8/15/12)
     Robert Slater   (8/16/09 - 8/15/11)     Secretary

*Second term

IT Unit Heads


     Lee Galaway

     Tom Habing
     Bill Mischo
     Sarah Shreeves
     Peggy Steele
     Jason Strutz


AUL for Information Technology Planning and Policy


     Beth Sandore