Key Request Instructions

Procedures for Issuing Keys

(Check Out and Check In)

To check out a key:

  1. At least 5 business days before the employee needs the key(s), the head of the departmental library or unit, (or their delegate) needs to submit an OTRS with a request for the person(s) needing key(s) with the following information:
    1. First and last name of person needing key(s)
    2. Room number of key(s) needed
    3. Library department
    4. Library location and address

  Library Facilities will complete a Key Authorization Form, when contacted, the unit head or supervisor must come sign the form in room 22 Main Library.

  1. Library Facilities will order a key (can take up to 48 hours to receive key(s)) or retrieve a key already in stock.
  2. Library Facilities will notify employee that the key(s) is ready to pick up.
  3. The authorization form will be waiting, with the key(s), in Room 22.  The employee must come to Room 22, finish filling in the form, sign the back of the form, and receive their key(s).

To return a key:

  1. The unit head or supervisor needs to send the employee to Room 22 to hand in their key(s).
  2. The employee will sign the correct paperwork.
  3. We will check the key(s) in, and move their paperwork to our “returned keys” folder.
  4. The process is done!

After an employee checks in a key, the paperwork will stay in the “returned keys” folder indefinitely.  If the same employee returns to the library and needs to check out a key again (even if it is the same key), they must go through the check out process again.